Top 10 Breach of Contract Verdicts in California in 2018

Top 10 Breach of Contract Verdicts in California in 2018We are pleased to present to you the list of top 10 plaintiff's breach of contract jury verdicts obtained in California in the year 2018. The list is comprised of various case types that were tried either in state or federal courts.

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Attorneys:Steven R. Friedman of Steven R. Friedman; Michael E. Friedman of Michael E. Friedman
Case:Gasparyan v. Demirchyan
Type:Breach of Contract, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Fraud, Unfair Business Practices, Intentional Tort, Commercial Litigation
Attorneys:David F. McPherson, Shelly L. Ewald, Rebecca S. Glos of Watt, Tieder, Hoffar & Fitzgerald L.L.P.
Case:Kiewit Power Constructors Co. v. City of Los Angeles
Type:Breach of Contract, Economic Loss, Commercial Litigation
Attorneys:Brian S. Kabateck, Shant A. Karnikian, Natalie S. Pang of Kabateck LLP; Gary D. Fields of FieldsLaw
Case:Acosta v. Kort & Scott Financial Group, et al.
Type:Breach of Contract, Unfair Business Practices, Breach of Warranty of Habitability, Nuisance, Failure to Maintain, Elder Financial Abuse, Elder Abuse, Real Estate, Negligent Tort
Attorneys:Jeffrey M. Fisher, Stephanie P. Skaff, Eugene Y. Mar, Alex Reese, Erik C. Olson, Julia F. Kropp of Farella Braun + Martel LLP
Case:BladeRoom Group Limited v. Facebook, Inc.
Type:Breach of Contract, Conspiracy, Intellectual Property Infringement, Unfair Business Practices, Unfair Competition, Misappropriation of Trade Secrets, Intentional Tort, Commercial Litigation
Attorneys:Stephen E. Morrissey, Ravi Doshi, Davida Brook, Brian D. Melton of Susman Godfrey LLP
Case:Hinrichs & Associates v. Beats Electronics L.L.C.
Type:Breach of Contract, Intellectual Property Infringement, Commercial Litigation
Attorneys:Mark P. Ressler, Ronald R. Rossi, Jason S. Takenouchi, Lyn R. Agre of Kasowitz Benson Torres LLP
Case:Copart Inc. v. Sparta Consulting Inc.
Type:Breach of Contract, Fraud, Professional Malpractice, Intentional Tort, Commercial Litigation, Negligent Tort, Bad Faith
Attorneys:James E. Ballidis of Allen, Flatt, Ballidis & Leslie
Case:Dauod v. Geico Insurance Company
Type:Breach of Contract, Car Accident, Insurance Bad Faith, Motor Vehicle Accident, Personal Injury, Underinsured Motorist
Attorneys:Thomas A. Vogele, Timothy M. Kowal of Thomas Vogele & Associates, APC
Case:Yang, et al. v. Sui, et al.
Type:Breach of Contract, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Fraud, Conversion, Intentional Tort, Fraudulent Transfer, Civil Theft, Commercial Litigation
Attorneys:Thomas M. Brown, Scott L. Menger of Brown White & Osborn LLP
Case:Belanger, et al. v. Biggs
Type:Breach of Contract, Fraudulent Conveyance, Conversion, Intentional Tort, Commercial Litigation, Trespass, Bad Faith
Attorneys:Bryan C. Altman of The Altman Law Group; Lauren A. Ungs, R. Roger Kirnos of Knight Law Group LLP
Case:Nolan v. Ford Motor Co.
Type:Breach of Contract, Breach of Warranty, Consumer Fraud, Deceptive Trade Practices, False Advertising, Fraudulent Concealment, Negligent Misrepresentation, Defective Product, Intentional Tort, Intentional Misrepresentation, Lemon Law, Negligent Tort
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