Submit a Case Result

Using this form, you can report to us a:

  • Noteworthy case result from the current and/or prior years for inclusion into a corresponding Top Verdicts, Settlements, or Bench (Court/Arbitration) Awards list.
  • Correction to a case result that has been published on our website.

Please submit your 2022 jury verdicts, settlements, and bench (court/arbitration) awards of $100,000 or greater, on or before the applicable deadline below.

State Deadline
California 03/15/2023
Florida 03/31/2023
Texas 03/31/2023
New Jersey 04/15/2023
New York 04/15/2023
Other States 04/30/2023

Case results obtained in 2023 can be submitted to us anytime during the year and, if selected, will be published by us in 2024.

IMPORTANT: Case results submitted to us after the deadline are not guaranteed for inclusion to a list that has been finalized for publication or has already been published. However, such case results will be considered for inclusion to any applicable lists, such as practice area-specific lists, that are yet to be finalized/published.

USEFUL TIP: You can add an annually recurring event to your calendar, for any day in January, to submit all your case results from the previous year. This way, you will not have to worry about submission deadlines anymore.

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