Top 20 Court Awards in California in 2018

Top 20 Court Awards in California in 2018We are pleased to present to you the list of the top 20 court (bench) awards obtained in California in the year 2018. The list is comprised of various case types that were tried either in state or federal courts.

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Amount: $36,093,664.00
Attorneys: Robert B. Bale, Roger A. Dreyer, Noemi Esparza of Dreyer Babich Buccola Wood Campora, LLP
Case: Aguirre v. Nissan North America, Inc.
Type: Car Accident, Motor Vehicle Accident, Personal Injury, Product Liability, Defective Product, Strict Liability
Amount: $6,400,375.00
Attorneys: Marc I. Zussman, Peter J. Kim of The Law Offices of Marc I. Zussman
Case: Shin v. Universal Trade Systems
Type: Breach of Contract, Fraud, Misrepresentation, Negligent Misrepresentation
Amount: $6,101,139.00
Attorneys: Terry B. Bates, Raagini R. Shah, Ryan R. Wedell, Christine M. Neuharth of Reed Smith LLP
Case: Spirit SPE Portfolio CA C-Stores, L.L.C. v. SB Gas & Wash Management, Inc.
Type: Breach of Contract, Landlord-Tenant, Promissory Note, Real Estate
Amount: $5,945,943.00
Attorneys: Kevin A. Day, Jacob M. Clark, Yunnie Y. Son of Alvarado Smith
Case: Elks Building Association of Santa Ana v. J.K. Properties Inc.
Type: Breach of Contract, Indemnity, Landlord-Tenant, Failure to Maintain, Negligent Tort
Amount: $3,747,197.00
Attorneys: Michael Wright of Law Offices of Michael Wright; Benjamin B. Berger of Berger Harrison A.P.C
Case: JDP 21 California L.L.C. v. Brooks Institute Holding L.L.C.
Type: Breach of Contract, Landlord-Tenant
Amount: $2,678,901.00
Attorneys: Robert C. Pearman of Robinson & Pearman LLP; Gerald L. Greene of Law Offices of Gerald Greene; Nelson L. Atkins of Gonzalez, Saggio & Harlan L.L.P
Case: Gales v. Catledge
Type: Breach of Contract, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Conspiracy, Fraud, Negligent Misrepresentation, Conversion
Amount: $2,230,466.00
Attorneys: Frederick H. Ebey, Robert E. Wall, III, Dinah V. Sapia of Grunsky Law Firm
Case: CSAA Insurance Exchange v. Premier Restoration & Remodel Inc.
Type: Breach of Contract, Nuisance
Amount: $2,191,052.50
Attorneys: Steven Gregory Tidrick, Joel B. Young of The Tidrick Law Firm
Case: Robinson v. Open Top Sightseeing San Francisco, L.L.C.
Type: Class Action, Unfair Business Practices, Unpaid Wages, Wage and Hour Violation, Labor & Employment
Amount: $1,800,000.00
Attorneys: Richard I. Arshonsky, Anne C. Manalili, Helen K. Colindres of Levinson Arshonsky & Kurtz, LLP
Case: Lalani Steel, Inc. v. International Economic and Trading Corp.
Type: Breach of Contract, Unjust Enrichment, Quantum Meruit, Promissory Estoppel
Amount: $1,651,702.00
Attorneys: Garo Mardirossian, Adam L. Feit of Mardirossian & Associates Inc.
Case: Lewis v. Ukran, et al.
Type: Car Accident, Motor Vehicle Accident, Motorcycle Accident, Personal Injury
Amount: $1,470,502.00
Attorneys: Ronald N. Richards of Law Offices of Ronald Richards & Associates, APC; Geoffrey S. Long of Law Offices Of Geoffrey Long, A.P.C.
Case: AAA Nison Corp. v. Golbari
Type: Breach of Contract, Fraud, Misrepresentation, Promissory Note
Amount: $1,402,151.00
Attorneys: David A. Xavier of Law Offices of David A. Xavier
Case: Bonillas v. Romo
Type: Assault and Battery, Personal Injury, Landlord-Tenant, Tenant Harassment
Amount: $1,031,000.00
Attorneys: Jack M. Schuler of The Law Office of Schuler & Brown; John D. Hardy of Law Offices of John Hardy; David S. Poole, Samuel R.W. Price, Jason R. Beaman of Poole & Shaffery, LLP
Case: Robinson Ranch Golf L.P. v. O&J Golf Construction Inc.
Type: Breach of Contract, Negligent Misrepresentation, Breach of Warranty of Habitability
Amount: $908,132.00
Attorneys: Scott E. Gizer, Diane M. Luczon, Zachary A. Gidding of Early Sullivan Wright Gizer & McRae LLP
Case: Mazakoda, Inc. v. J&J Oil, Inc.
Type: Breach of Contract, Promissory Note
Amount: $898,773.00
Attorneys: Dennis V. Menke, James D. Menke of Menke & Menke, LLP; Mark Chatow of Chatow Law
Case: C Plus Electronics, Inc. v. Goldentek Display America, Inc.
Type: Breach of Contract, Fraud, Tortious Interference, Intentional Tort, Commercial Litigation
Amount: $874,550.32
Attorneys: Brian M. Grossman of Tesser Grossman LLP
Case: Rubinstein v. Fakheri
Type: Breach of Contract, Unjust Enrichment, Intentional Tort
Amount: $798,003.00
Attorneys: Ingrid M. Evans of Evans Law Firm Inc.
Case: L.N. v. Hopkins
Type: Professional Malpractice, Sexual Assault, Lack of Informed Consent
Amount: $787,506.00
Attorneys: Ronald K. Brown Jr., Richard L. Seide of Law Offices of Ronald K. Brown Jr., A.P.C
Case: Anaheim West Plaza Partners L.L.C. v. Workout World California L.L.C.
Type: Breach of Contract, Landlord-Tenant, Promissory Note
Amount: $768,293.00
Attorneys: Jeffrey P. Alpert, Ashley L. Montgomery, Dean Asher of Alpert Law Group, APC
Case: National Merchant Center Inc. v. FiveFour Group L.L.C.
Type: Breach of Contract, Fraud, Misrepresentation, Unfair Business Practices, Unfair Competition
Amount: $735,242.00
Attorneys: Norman H. Levine, Lori L. Werderitch of Greenberg Glusker Fields Claman & Machtinger LLP
Case: The Glen Development Company v. Centrally Grown Inc.
Type: Breach of Contract, Consumer Fraud, Landlord-Tenant

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