Number 3 Verdicts in California in 2017

Number 3 Verdicts in California in 2017We are pleased to present to you the list of the third-largest – in their respective practice areas – plaintiff and cross-claimant jury verdicts obtained in the State of California in the year 2017. The list is comprised of various case types that were tried either in state or federal courts.

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Important: While we strive to achieve maximum accuracy and completeness of our lists, we cannot guarantee either at 100%. If you believe another verdict should be on this list, please contact us today.

Attorneys: Andrew J. Ogilvie, Carol M. Brewer of Anderson, Ogilvie, & Brewer LLP; James A. Francis, John Soumilas, David A. Searles of Francis & Mailman, P.C.
Case: Ramirez v. Trans Union, L.L.C.
No. 3 in: Class Action
Attorneys: Christian T. F. Nickerson, Geoffrey S. Wells, Tobin M. Lanzetta of Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP; Andy A. Basseri of Law Offices of Andy Basseri
Case: Sanchez v. Durham School Services, et al.
No. 3 in: Personal Injury
Attorneys: Garo Mardirossian, Lawrence Marks of Mardirossian & Associates Inc.
Case: Ekbatani v. United Independent Taxi Drivers Inc.
No. 3 in: Motor Vehicle Accident
Attorneys: H. Sean Banafsheh, Kevin Danesh, Raphael D. Javid of Banafsheh, Danesh & Javid, PC
Case: Casillas v. Landstar Ranger Inc., et al.
No. 3 in: Car Accident, Pedestrian Accident
Attorneys: Gary A. Dordick, Christopher V. Bulone of Dordick Law Corporation; Marc J. Katzman of Marc Katzman Law
Case: Sosa v. Shabun, et al.
No. 3 in: Brain Injury
Attorneys: F. Jerome Tapley, Hirlye R. Lutz, D. Brett Turnbull, Adam W. Pittman of Cory Watson, PC; Vicki I. Sarmiento of Law Offices of Vicki I. Sarmiento; Kirk J. Wolden of Carter Wolden Curtis, LLP; Paul R. Kiesel, D. Bryan Garcia, Steven D. Archer of Kiesel Law LLP
Case: Cruz v. Nissan North America Inc., et al.
No. 3 in: Product Liability
Attorneys: Christopher H. Whelan of Law Offices of Christopher H. Whelan, Inc.; Brian D. Whelan of Whelan Law Group
Case: King v. U.S. Bank National Association
No. 3 in: Labor & Employment
Attorneys: James P. Nevin, Jr., Jordan Elizabeth Scott of Brayton Purcell, LLP
Case: Lucas v. Triple A Machine Shop, Inc.
No. 3 in: Wrongful Death
Attorneys: Denise Abrams, Joseph D. Satterley, Justin A. Bosl, Carole M. Bosch, Donovan Hunter of Kazan, McClain, Satterly & Greenwood
Case: Estate of Booker v. Imerys Talc America, Inc., et al.
No. 3 in: Toxic Exposure, Workplace Safety
Attorneys: Sherry S. Bragg, Gary A. Waldron of Weintraub Tobin
Case: Kurtin v. Elieff
No. 3 in: Breach of Contract
Attorneys: Todd F. Nevell, Daniel G. Sheldon of Scolinos, Sheldon & Nevell
Case: Pearl v. City of Los Angeles
No. 3 in: Wrongful Termination
Attorneys: Carney R. Shegerian, Anthony Nguyen, Mark I. Lim of Shegerian & Associates, Inc.; Pedram "Peter" A. Javanmardi of Javanmardi Law
Case: Moland v. McWane Inc., et al.
No. 3 in: Hostile Work Environment, Retaliation
Attorneys: Damien J. Miranda of Law Office of Damien J. Miranda, APC
Case: Santos-Vidal v. Hongye
No. 3 in: Civil Rights Violation
Attorneys: Anthony J. Dain, Frederick K. Taylor, Dave S. Deonarine, J. Christopher Jaczko of Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch LLP
Case: Kaneka Corporation v. SKC Kolon PI, Inc.
No. 3 in: Unfair Competition
Attorneys: Jeffrey A. Kaiser, Lawrence J. Gornick, David Markevitch of Kaiser Gornick LLP
Case: Estate of Lopez v. The Hillshire Brands Co.
No. 3 in: Asbestos Exposure, Mesothelioma
Attorneys: Golnar J. Fozi, Jeremy M. Dwork of Meyers Fozi & Dwork, LLP
Case: Morin v. Sunrise Medical (US) L.L.C.
No. 3 in: Negligent Supervision
Attorneys: Carney R. Shegerian, Anthony Nguyen, Mark I. Lim of Shegerian & Associates, Inc.
Case: Mitchell v. SEIU Local 721, et al.
No. 3 in: Disability Discrimination
Attorneys: Howard A. Kapp of Law Offices of Howard A. Kapp
Case: Licudine v. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
No. 3 in: Professional Negligence
Attorneys: Eva D. Silva, Daniel C. Schaar of Schaar & Silva LLP; Paul D. Van Der Walde of Caputo & Van Der Walde, LLP
Case: Wessling v. Pacific Bell Telephone Co., et al.
No. 3 in: Dangerous Condition, Premises Liability
Attorneys: Haytham Faraj, Nicholas C. Rowley of Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley, LLP; Theresa Bowen Hatch of Bowen Hatch Law, PC
Case: Lopez v. Here We Go, Inc., et al.
No. 3 in: Assault and Battery
Attorneys: David L. Amell, Marissa Y. Uchimura of Maune, Raichle, Hartley, French and Mudd, LLC
Case: Hart v. Keenan Properties, Inc., et al.
No. 3 in: Failure to Warn
Attorneys: Kitty K. Szeto of PARRIS; Kevin I. Shenkman of Shenkman & Hughes
Case: Alwyn Wilkinson v. Halo Resorts Inc.
No. 3 in: Negligent Misrepresentation, Consumer Protection
Attorneys: Brian T. Dunn, Megan R. Gyongyos of The Cochran Firm
Case: Estate of Robertson v. County of Los Angeles, et al.
No. 3 in: Gunshot
Attorneys: Dale K. Galipo, Eric Valenzuela of Law Offices of Dale K. Galipo; Eric C. Morris of Southern California Lawyers Group, PC
Case: Estate of Herrera v. Police Officer Downey
No. 3 in: Excessive Force
Attorneys: Gary M. Schneider, Nancy Siccama of Law Offices of Gary M. Schneider
Case: Estate of Viera v. Nassir, M.D.
No. 3 in: Medical Malpractice
Attorneys: Dave R. Boyajian, Brenna K. Legaard, Scott D. Eads, David L. Axelrod, Nicholas F. Aldrich, Devon Z. Newman of Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt
Case: Columbia Sportswear North America Inc. v. Seirus Innovative Accessories Inc.
No. 3 in: Intellectual Property Infringement, Patent Infringement
Attorneys: Jared T. Walker of Law Office of Jared T. Walker, P.C.; Karen M. Goodman of Goodman & Associates
Case: Staaveren v. Brown
No. 3 in: Breach of Fiduciary Duty
Attorneys: Joseph E. Deems of Deems Law Offices A.P.C; Charles L. Richardson, Gary L. Richardson, David R. Keesling of Richardson Richardson Boudreaux
Case: Crouch v. Trinity Christian Center of Santa Ana Inc., et al.
No. 3 in: Sexual Assault
Attorneys: Scot D. Wilson of Robinson Calcagnie Inc.
Case: Sam Recio v. Alliance of Abilities Inc.
No. 3 in: Trip and Fall
Attorneys: Bryan C. Altman of The Altman Law Group; Steve B. Mikhov, Lauren Ungs of Knight Law Group LLP; Mark D. O'Connor of O'Connor Law Group
Case: Margeson v. Ford Motor Co.
No. 3 in: Fraudulent Concealment
Attorneys: Mickel M. Arias, Jamie G. Goldstein of Arias Sanguinetti Stahle & Torrijos, LLP; Michael Geoola, Daniel D. Geoulla, Sandeep G. Agarwal of B&D Law Group, APLC
Case: Evans v. Kana Pipeline, Inc.
No. 3 in: Truck Accident
Attorneys: William M. Crosby of Law Offices of William M. Crosby
Case: Bath v. Mogharebi
No. 3 in: Defamation
Attorneys: John H. Howard, Brett C. Templeman of Lowthorp, Richards, McMillan, Miller & Templeman
Case: Reynolds v. 31st District Agricultural Association, et al.
No. 3 in: Defective Product
Attorneys: Robert Hamparyan, Laura M. Sasaki of Law Offices Of Robert Hamparyan; A. King Aminpour, Jeffrey L. Bodily, B. Richard Deetman of Aminpour & Associates
Case: Bell v. Barker
No. 3 in: Motorcycle Accident
Attorneys: Tristan G. Pelayes, Jacob P. Menicucci of Wagner & Pelayes, LLP
Case: Rojas v. Albaba, et al.
No. 3 in: Gender Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Wage and Hour Violation
Attorneys: John A. Shepardson of The Law Office of John A. Shepardson; Mark L. Venardi, Martin Zurada of Venardi Zurada LLP
Case: Elizondo v. California Department of Transportation
No. 3 in: Constructive Discharge
Attorneys: Brian J. Virag of MyBedBugLawyer, Inc.
Case: Reynolds v. 12300-12301 Osborne Place
No. 3 in: Bed Bug Bite, Landlord-Tenant
Attorneys: Mark J. Geragos, David W. Gammill of Geragos & Geragos; Leon Kirakosian, Gregg Kirakosian of Kirakosian & Associates
Case: Rodriguez v. Los Angeles Police Department, et al.
No. 3 in: Malicious Prosecution, False Arrest
Attorneys: Mark B Simowitz of Law Offices of Mark B. Simowitz
Case: Regehr v. Mchale, et al.
No. 3 in: Dental Malpractice
Attorneys: David S. Brown, Aaron M. Brown, Joan B. Brown of Brown Injury Law
Case: Young v. Hunner
No. 3 in: Bicycle Accident
Attorneys: Pouya B. Chami of Chami Law PC; Grant D. Waterkotte, Tristan A. Mullis of Pettit Kohn Ingrassia Lutz & Dolin PC
Case: Herzig v. Regina L. Edmond, M.D., Inc.
No. 3 in: Age Discrimination
Attorneys: Todd S. Bissell of Bissell Law Corporation
Case: Oby v. Save Mart Supermarkets
No. 3 in: Slip and Fall
Attorneys: Shawn Azizzadeh of Bedford Law Group
Case: Friendship v. Zeller Trust, et al.
No. 3 in: Dog Bite
Attorneys: Samuel Dagan, Lisa D.Trepanier of The Law Offics of Samuel Dagan
Case: King v. Home Depot USA Inc.
No. 3 in: Falling Object

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