Top 20 Verdicts in Texas in 2023



We are pleased to present to you the list of the top 20 plaintiff's jury verdicts obtained in Texas in the year 2023. The list is comprised of various case types that were tried either in state or federal courts of Texas.

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Attorneys:Joseph S. Grinstein, Shawn Blackburn, Meng Xi, Megan E. Griffith, Bryce T. Barcelo, Jillian Hewitt of Susman Godfrey LLP; S. Calvin Capshaw III, Elizabeth L. DeRieux of Capshaw DeRieux LLP; T. John Ward Jr., Andrea L. Fair, Charles Everingham IV of Ward, Smith & Hill PLLC
Case:Finesse Wireless LLC v. AT&T Mobility LLC, et al.
Type:Intellectual Property Infringement, Patent Infringement, Commercial Litigation
Attorneys:Robert R. Burford, Brent Perry, Zachary Carlson of Burford Perry, LLP; Jeff Diamant of Jeff Diamant P.C.; Shawn A. Johnson of SAJ Law PLLC
Case:Yosowitz, et al. v. Kay, et al.
Type:Breach of Contract, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Fraud, Intentional Tort, Commercial Litigation, Shareholder Dispute
Attorneys:Sean E. Breen, Chris Lavorato of Howry Breen & Herman LLP; Brian Lauten of Brian Lauten, P.C.; Robert Swafford of Strike for Cause Jury Consulting
Case:Taylor v. Oncor Electric Delivery Co., LLC
Type:Personal Injury, Burn Injury, Electrical Injury, Utility Negligence, Negligent Tort, Quadriplegia, Paralysis Injury, Bodily Injury
Attorneys:Gary Sorden, Kumar Vinnakota, Tim Craddock, James Perkins, Chris Evans, Vishal Patel, Brian King, Don Ottaunick, Seokin Yeh, Gianna Zapata, Arjun Padmanabhan, Amanda DeGroote, Ian Phillips of Cole Schotz P.C.
Case:SkyBell Tech. v. Vivint Inc.
Type:Intellectual Property Infringement, Patent Infringement, Intentional Tort, Commercial Litigation
Attorneys:Todd Mensing, Taylor Freeman, Jane Robinson, Cameron Byrd, Harrison Scheer, Hilary Greene, Thomas Cooke of Ahmad, Zavitsanos & Mensing PLLC; Chris Hogan, James Schuelke, Johnathan Mondel of Hogan Thompson Schuelke LLP
Case:El Dorado Gas & Oil, Inc., et al. v. ETC Field Services, LLC, et al.
Type:Economic Loss, Property Rights, Intentional Tort, Commercial Litigation, Trespass
Attorneys:Jonathan Stark, Christopher Carver of Daniel Stark Law, PC
Case:Currie v. Landry, et al.
Type:Motor Vehicle Accident, Personal Injury, Truck Accident, Brain Injury, DUI, Negligent Tort, Vicarious Liability, Bodily Injury, Vehicular Accident
Attorneys:Max Tribble, Joseph Grinstein, Kalpana Srinivasan, Alejandra Salinas, Alex Aiken of Susman Godfrey LLP; Eric Enger, Mike Heim, Alden Harris, Blaine Larson of Heim, Payne & Chorush LLP; Johnny Ward, Andrea Fair of Ward Smith & Hill, PLLC
Case:Atlas Global Tech. Co., Ltd. v. TP-Link Tech. Co., Ltd.
Type:Intellectual Property Infringement, Patent Infringement, Commercial Litigation
Attorneys:Michael W. Shore, Chijioke E. Offor, Halima Shukri Ndai of The Shore Firm; Brian D. Melton, Abbey E. McNaughton, John P. Lahad, Hayley Stillwell of Susman Godfrey LLP
Case:Trustees of Purdue Univ. v. STMicroelectronics Int'l N.V., et al.
Type:Intellectual Property Infringement, Patent Infringement, Intentional Tort, Commercial Litigation
Attorneys:Benny Agosto, Jr., Jonathan Sneed, Karl Long, Wady Rahbani-Chavez, Victoria Haddad of Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner
Case:Roque, et al. v. Exxon Mobil Corp., et al.
Type:Failure to Warn, Personal Injury, Work Accident, Workplace Safety, Negligent Tort, Occupational Injury, Bodily Injury
Attorneys:Jay Ellwanger, David Henderson of Ellwanger Henderson LLLP; James Vagnini, Robert Valli, Sara Kane, Monica Hincken of Valli Kane & Vagnini, LLP
Case:Lindsley v. TRT Holdings, Inc., et al.
Type:Civil Rights Violation, Gender Discrimination, Labor & Employment, Intentional Tort, Employment Discrimination
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