Number 1 Verdicts in the United States in 2022



We are pleased to present to you the list of the largest – in each applicable case type (category) – plaintiff's jury verdicts obtained in the United States in the year 2022. The list is comprised of various case types that were tried either in state or federal courts of the United States.

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Attorneys:Christopher S. Hamilton, Ray T. Khirallah Jr., Grant P. Boston, Allie J. Hallmark of Hamilton Wingo LLP; Brad Jackson, Cheryl L. Mann of Law Offices of Brad Jackson; Douglas W. Alexander, Anna M. Baker, Melanie D. Plowman, Amy Warr, Kevin H. Dubose of Alexander Dubose & Jefferson LLP
Case:Estate of Thomas v. Holden Jr., et al.
No.1 in:All Practice Areas, Assault & Battery, Murder, Negligent Supervision, Wrongful Death, Gross Negligence, Stabbing
Attorneys:Adeel A. Mangi, Clinton W. Morrison, Abhishek Bapna of Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP; Sheila M. Costin of Holmes Costin & Marcus PLLC
Case:Appian Corp. v. Pegasystems Inc.
No.1 in:Economic Loss, Intellectual Property Infringement, Misappropriation of Trade Secrets, Commercial Litigation, Cybercrime
Attorneys:James E. Butler, Jr., Daniel E. Philyaw of Butler Prather LLP; Gerald Davidson, Jr. of Mahaffey Pickens Tucker LLP; Michael B. Terry, Laurie Ann Taylor of Bondurant Mixson & Elmore LLP
Case:Hill v. Ford Motor Co.
No.1 in:Motor Vehicle Accident, Product Liability, Truck Accident, Defective Product, Single-Vehicle Accident, Design Defect
Attorneys:Andrew A. Rainer, Kevin Donovan, Meredith K. Lever of The Public Health Advocacy Institute; Randy Rosenblum of Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein, LLP
Case:Fontaine v. Philip Morris USA Inc.
No.1 in:Breach of Warranty, Tobacco
Attorneys:Christopher M. Mattei, William M. Bloss, Alinor C. Sterling, Matthew S. Blumenthal of Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder
Case:Parker v. Jones, et al.
No.1 in:Defamation, Personal Injury, Slander
Attorneys:J. Mark Mann, G. Blake Thompson, Andy Tindel of Mann Tindel Thompson; Morgan Chu, Alan Heinrich, Amy Proctor, Ben Hattenbach, Ian Washburn, Keith Orso, Charlotte Wen, Benjamin Manzin-Monnin, Jordan Nafekh, Emily Grant of Irell & Manella LLP
Case:VLSI Technology LLC v. Intel Corp.
No.1 in:Patent Infringement
Attorneys:Michael A. Collyard, David E. Marder, Peter C. Ihrig, Michael D. Reif of Robins Kaplan LLP
Case:Kelley v. BMO Harris Bank
No.1 in:Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Professional Malpractice
Attorneys:David M. deRubertis of The deRubertis Law Firm APC; Todd H. Harrison, Brennan S. Kahn of Perona, Langer, Beck, Serbin & Harrison APC
Case:Martinez, et al. v. Southern California Edison Co., et al.
No.1 in:Civil Rights Violation, Hostile Work Environment, Constructive Discharge, Whistleblower Retaliation, Labor & Employment, Workplace Harassment
Attorneys:Brian Sanford, Elizabeth ‘BB’ Sanford of The Sanford Law Firm
Case:Harris v. FedEx Corp. Servs. Inc.
No.1 in:Race Discrimination, Wrongful Termination, Employment Discrimination
Attorneys:Patrick A. Salvi II, Lance D. Northcutt, Jennifer M. Cascio of Salvi Schostok & Pritchard PC; Shawn M. Collins, Margaret Galka of The Collins Law Firm, PC; Scott A. Entin, Roisin Duffy‐Gideon, Deanna N. Pihos of Miner Barnhill & Galland PC
Case:Kamuda v. Sterigenics U.S. LLC, et al.
No.1 in:Toxic Exposure, Public Nuisance, Bodily Injury
Attorneys:Richard M. Kaudy of Kaudy Law LLC; Megan M. Hottman of Hottman Law Office, PC
Case:Inglis v. Montoya
No.1 in:Bicycle Accident, DUI, Single-Track Vehicle Accident
Attorneys:John C. Hueston, Moez M. Kaba, Lauren M. Johnson, Sara Haji, Sourabh Mishra, Allison L. Libeu of Hueston Hennigan
Case:Monster Energy Co. v. Vital Pharmaceuticals Inc.
No.1 in:False Advertising, Tortious Interference
Attorneys:Daniel A. Horwitz, Lindsay E. Smith of Horwitz Law, PLLC; Brian P. Manookian of Cummings Manookian PLC
Case:Estate of Dasilva v. Reinking
No.1 in:Gunshot Wound
Attorneys:Matthew L. Sharp of Matthew L. Sharp Ltd.; Douglas A. Terry of Doug Terry Law
Case:Estate of Eskew v. Sierra Health & Life Ins. Co.
No.1 in:Breach of Contract, Insurance Bad Faith
Attorneys:Scott S. Bethune, Wes Shumate, Kevin D. Buchanan of Davis, Bethune & Jones, LLC; Richard E. McLeod of The McLeod Law Firm, P.C.
Case:Dugan v. White
No.1 in:Sexual Abuse, Sexual Assault
Attorneys:Jeffrey S. Weikum of Weikum Injury Law; Chad C. Nodland of Chad C. Nodland, P.C.; Thomas A. Dickson of Dickson Law Office
Case:Zander v. Morsette
No.1 in:Brain Injury, Head-on Collision
State:North Dakota
Attorneys:Parker Miller of Beasley Allen Law Firm; Darren Summerville of The Summerville Firm LLC
Case:Fleur, et al. v. Sony Music Holdings, Inc., et al.
No.1 in:Negligent Security, Failure to Protect
Attorneys:Israel J. Encinosa, Cary Aronovitz, Lauren Vanessa Lopez, Sanford L. Bohrer, Alex M. Gonzalez of Holland & Knight LLP
Case:NCL Ltd. v. ABB Oy, et al.
No.1 in:Intentional Misrepresentation, Reputational Harm
Attorneys:David M. Beninger, Patricia Anderson of Luvera Law Firm
Case:Justad, et al. v. Northwest Tower Crane Serv. Inc., et al.
No.1 in:Construction Accident, Falling Object, Crane Accident
Attorneys:Jude Basile of The Basile Law Firm; David Sullivan of Golper, Sullivan, Rivera & Osuna
Case:Collins v. Diamond Generating Corp.
No.1 in:Work Accident, Workplace Negligence, Workplace Safety, Gas Explosion, Occupational Injury
Attorneys:Jon J. Bailey of The Bailey Law Firm; Jeff Befort of Befort Law Firm, P.C.; Charles Miller 'Chad' Elkins of Elkins Law Firm; Russell S. Post, Joshua S. Smith of Beck Redden LLP
Case:Estate of Sanchez v. Helmerich & Payne Intl. Drilling Co., et al.
No.1 in:Multi-Vehicle Accident
Attorneys:C. Brian Jarrard of Jarrard Law Group, LLC; Charles E. Cox, Jr. of Charles E. Cox, Jr., LLC
Case:Cason v. Total Care Community Living/Properties LLC
No.1 in:Premises Liability, Adult Day Care Negligence, Day Care Negligence
Attorneys:Stephen Z. Williamson of Law Office of Stephen Z. Williamson, PLLC, Trial Counsel for Elliott Ifraimoff & Associates, PC; Diane Bernard of Elliot Ifraimoff & Associates, P.C.
Case:Hauter v. Poo Parking Corp., et al.
No.1 in:Pedestrian Accident
State:New York
Attorneys:Brandon E. Thompson of Ciresi Conlin LLP
Case:Thapa v. St. Cloud Orthopedic Assoc. Ltd.
No.1 in:Failure to Diagnose, Medical Malpractice, Failure to Treat
Attorneys:John C. Scheller, Shane A. Brunner, Tanya M. Salman, Michelle L. Dama, Kenneth M. Albridge III, Nancy Cruz, Melanie J. Reichenberger, J. Ryan Gray of Michael Best & Friedrich L.L.P.; Tyler J. Sisk, David A. Casimir of Casimir Jones S.C.; Joseph T. Leone of DeWitt L.L.P.; Lanny J. Davis of Davis Goldberg Galper PLLC
Case:Raffel Sys. LLC v. Man Wah Holdings Ltd., et al.
No.1 in:Trademark Infringement
Attorneys:Clay Barnett III, J. Mitch Williams, Rebecca Gilliland, Dylan Martin of Beasley, Allen, Crow, Methvin, Portis & Miles, P.C.; Adam Levitt, Christopher Stombaugh, John E. Tangren, Daniel R. Ferri, Mark M. Abramowitz, Joseph Frate of DiCello Levitt; Jennie Anderson of Andrus Anderson LLP; Anthony Garcia of AG Law PA
Case:Siqueiros, et al. v. General Motors LLC
No.1 in:Class Action, Consumer Fraud, Consumer Protection
Attorneys:Lauren Cerri, B. Robert Allard of Corsiglia, McMahon and Allard; Natalie L. Weatherford of Taylor & Ring LLP
Case:Students v. Union School District
No.1 in:Government Negligence, School Safety
Attorneys:Matthew Schwartz, John Zach, Craig Wenner Valecia Battle, Sabina Mariella, Sophie Roytblat, Lindsey Ruff, Erica Sweeting, Marshall Dore Louis of Boies Schiller Flexner
Case:City of Almaty, KZ, et al. v. Ablyazov, et al.
No.1 in:Conversion, Unjust Enrichment
State:New York
Attorneys:Andrew Garza, Andrew Ranks, Alexa Mahony, Ryan McKeen of Connecticut Trial Firm, LLC
Case:Cruz, et al. v. Spec Personnel, LLC, et al.
No.1 in:Dangerous Condition, Paraplegia
Attorneys:Ven R. Johnson of Johnson Law, PLC; Darren M. Tobin of Butler & Tobin
Case:Edwards v. City of Atlanta, et al.
No.1 in:Excessive Force, Police Brutality, Police Misconduct, Quadriplegia, Paralysis Injury, Law Enforcement Misconduct
Attorneys:Geoffrey N. Fieger of Fieger, Fieger, Kenney & Harrington, PC; Matthew M. Patterson, Jack M. Beam of Beam Legal Team, LLC
Case:Tarbox v. Ob. Gyn. Assoc. of IC & Coralville, PC
No.1 in:Birth Injury, Cerebral Palsy, Ob-Gyn Malpractice
Attorneys:Thomas Scolaro, Adam Rose of Leesfield Scolaro P.A.; Aaron P. Davis of Davis Goldman PLLC
Case:Estate of Criales v. Georgetown Partnership, LLC
No.1 in:Dram Shop Liability
Attorneys:James R. Moriarty of Law Offices of James R. Moriarty; Katherine McCredy, Andrew Sullo of Sullo & Sullo; Ryan Skiver of The Skiver Law Firm
Case:Clark, et al. v. Procare RX, et al.
No.1 in:Dental Malpractice
Attorneys:Mark F. Fleming of Singleton Schreiber; Timothy A. Scott, Marcus Bourassa, Kimberly S. Trimble of McKenzie Scott P.C.
Case:Estate of Phounsy v. County of San Diego, et al.
No.1 in:Death in Custody
Attorneys:James LiCalzi of Duffy & Duffy, PLLC
Case:Quick v. Jacobi Medical Center
No.1 in:Failure to Monitor, Premature Childbirth
State:New York
Attorneys:Natalie S. Woodward of Warshauer Woodward Atkins; Dax Lopez of DelCampo Grayson Lopez
Case:Estate of Carusillo v. MARR Inc., et al.
No.1 in:Medication Error, Psychiatric Malpractice, Premature Discharge
Attorneys:Laura M. Shamp, Joshua F. Silk of Shamp Silk LLC; Lloyd N. Bell, Daniel Holloway of Bell Law Firm
Case:Buckelew v. Womack, et al.
No.1 in:Delayed Diagnosis
Attorneys:Daniel Rodriguez, Chantal Trujillo, Danay Gonzalez of Rodriguez & Associates; Joseph H. Low IV of The Law Firm of Joseph H. Low IV
Case:Ruckman, et al. v. Big N Deep, et al.
No.1 in:Burn Injury
Attorneys:R. Paul Yetter, Tracy N. LeRoy, Christian J. Ward, Casey J. Downing, Audrey Hendricks, Luke A. Schamel of Yetter Coleman LLP; Robert M. Stonestreet of Babst, Calland, Clements & Zomnir, P.C.
Case:Triad Hunter, LLC v. Eagle Natrium LLC
No.1 in:Property Damage, Property Rights, Real Estate, Trespass
Attorneys:Brian Sanford, Elizabeth ‘BB’ Sanford, David B. Norris of The Sanford Law Firm
Case:Yarbrough, et al. v. Glow Networks Inc.
No.1 in:Wrongful Demotion, Failure to Promote
Attorneys:Michael J. Trentalange, Andrew M. Bennett of Trentalange & Kelley, P.A.; Craig M. Harris of Craig Harris Law, P.A.; Brandon K. Breslow, Kristin A. Norse of Kynes, Markman & Felman, PA
Case:Crohan v. Cogent Healthcare of Jacksdnville, LLC, et al.
No.1 in:Erroneous Treatment
Attorneys:Patrick Richard, Byron Gee, Fred Fudacz, Ilse Scott, Raven McGuane of the Nossaman Law Firm
Case:Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency v. Whittaker Corp.
No.1 in:Environmental Protection, Clean Water Act
Attorneys:Amy C. Keller of Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria LLP
Case:LG 46 Doe v. Jackson
No.1 in:Child Abuse
State:New York
Attorneys:Daniel R. Miller of Walden Macht & Haran
Case:U.S. v. Takeda Pharmaceuticals America, Inc.
No.1 in:False Claims Act , Health Care Fraud, Insurance Fraud
Attorneys:Christopher Yates, Sarah Ray, Sy Damle, Britt Lovejoy of Latham & Watkins
Case:Oracle America Inc. v. Hewlett Packard Ent. Co.
No.1 in:Copyright Infringement
Attorneys:Jessica M. Dean, Benjamin H. Adams, Rachel A. Gross of Dean Omar Branham Shirley LLP
Case:Chapman v. Avon Prods. Inc., et al.
No.1 in:Asbestos Exposure, Mesothelioma
Attorneys:Andrew D. Moody of Moody Law, P.A.
Case:Ouellette v. Kirkland
No.1 in:Motorcycle Accident
Attorneys:John E. Parker, Daniel E. Henderson of Parker Law Group, LLP
Case:Sulka v. Hoagland
No.1 in:Libel
State:South Carolina
Attorneys:Sharon L. Heath, Timothy W. Heath of Heath & Heath PC
Case:Browning v. Resnick, et al.
No.1 in:Surgical Error, Failure to Test
Attorneys:Thomas Umberg, Scott B. Garner of Umberg Zipser LLP
Case:Park v. Law Offices of Tracey Buck-Walsh, et al.
No.1 in:Legal Malpractice
Attorneys:Laurence D. Rogers, Pawel A. Jankowski of The Platta Law Firm PLLC; Jeffrey W. Varcadipane of Varcadipane & Pinnisi PC
Case:Hrychorczuk v. BBM Construction Corp., et al.
No.1 in:Ladder Accident, Fall from Height
State:New York
Attorneys:Omar Qureshi of Qureshi Law PC; David German of Vanaman German LLP
Case:Wong, et al. v. Santa Monica‐Malibu Unified School District, et al.
No.1 in:Failure to Report
Attorneys:Michael I. Kanovitz, David B. Owens, Megan Porter of Loevy & Loevy
Case:Gillispie v. The City of Miami Township, et al.
No.1 in:Due Process Violation, Wrongful Conviction, Wrongful Imprisonment, Wrongful Prosecution, Miscarriage of Justice
Attorneys:Brock Austin Hankins, Ava K. Doppelt of Allen Dyer Doppelt Milbrath & Gilchrist; Steven Pollack of Steven Pollack, Esq
Case:Platinum Properties Investor Network Inc., et al. v. Does
No.1 in:Cybersquatting
Attorneys:Thomas A. Demetrio, Michael D. Ditore, David R. Barry Jr. of Corboy & Demetrio PC
Case:Estate of Wilcox v. Advocate Condell Medical Center
No.1 in:Delayed Treatment
Attorneys:Steven Ward Williams of Smith Sovik Kenderick & Sugnet
Case:Powers v. City of Geneva
No.1 in:Lead Poisoning
State:New York
Attorneys:Marshall S. May of Law Office of Marshall May LLC; Michael R. Goldman of Goldman Law PC
Case:Bonilla v. Tarantino Properties Inc.
No.1 in:Amputation
Attorneys:Steven Molo, Robert Kry, Sara Margolis, Mark Kelley, Alexandra Eynon of MoloLamken LLP; Solomon Cera, Pamela Markert, Kenneth A. Frost of CERA LLP
Case:Gruber v. Reger
No.1 in:Securities Fraud
State:New York
Attorneys:Brian J. Isaac, Kenneth J. Gorman of Pollack, Pollack, Isaac & DeCicco LLP; Mary Ellen Duffy of Duffy & Duffy, PLLC
Case:R.L. v. Wagner, et al.
No.1 in:Delayed Childbirth
State:New York
Attorneys:Dustin L. Collier, V. Joshua Socks, Elizabeth R. Malay of Collier Law Firm, LLP; Brian C. Mathias of Law Office of Brian Mathias; Drew F. Teti of Law Offices of Drew F. Teti
Case:Ruvalcaba v. Santa Cruz City Schools, et al.
No.1 in:Disability Discrimination, Failure to Accommodate
Attorneys:Daniel J. Stohr of Daniel J. Stohr, Attorney at Law
Case:Seats, et al. v. Village of Dolton, et al.
No.1 in:Emergency Vehicle Accident
Attorneys:Howard Friedman of Law Offices of Howard Friedman; Mark Loevy-Reyes, Quinn K. Rallins of Loevy & Loevy
Case:Weichel v. Commonwealth of Massachusetts
No.1 in:False Evidence
Attorneys:Damian B. Mallard of Mallard Law Firm P.A.
Case:L.X.C., Pro Ami v. Department of Children and Families
No.1 in:Children's Rights, Child Protection
Attorneys:Nicholas C. Rowley of Trial Lawyers For Justice
Case:Dudley, et al. v. Central Iowa Hospital Corp.
No.1 in:Misdiagnosis
Attorneys:Edwin Budge, Erik J. Heipt, Hank Balson of Budge & Heipt PLLC
Case:Estate of Hill v. Naphcare Inc., et al.
No.1 in:Denial of Medical Care
Attorneys:Victor L. George, Wayne C. Smith of The Law Offices of Victor L. George
Case:Mosley v. Pacifica Corp.
No.1 in:Nursing Home Malpractice, Elder Abuse
Attorneys:David Rudorfer, Wyatt Vespermann of Panish | Shea | Boyle | Ravipudi LLP; Sheri S. Manuwal, Robert I. Manuwal of Manuwal & Manuwal
Case:Student v. Pasadena Unified School District
No.1 in:Sexual Battery
Attorneys:Joseph P. Cullan, Samuel K. Cullan, Ryan Terril of Cullan & Cullan LLC
Case:K.H., Pro Ami v. Sandri
No.1 in:Overmedication
Attorneys:John W. Keker, Ajay S. Krishnan, Franco Muzzio, Neha Sabharwal of Keker, Van Nest & Peters LLP; Claret Vargas, Elizabeth T. Mathews, Carmen K. Cheung of Center for Justice & Accountability; A. Margot Moss of Markus Moss PLLC
Case:Camps v. Bravo
No.1 in:Extrajudicial Killing, Torture Victim Protection Act
Attorneys:Daniel Lustig, Robert C. Johnson of Pike & Lustig L.L.P.
Case:Verduzco v. Quad-M Construction & Development LLC
No.1 in:Loader Accident
Attorneys:J. Camden Hodge, Eric Marc Poulin, Roy T. Willey IV of Anastopoulo Law Firm LLC
Case:Jefferson v. Alexander
No.1 in:Moped Accident, Recreational Vehicle Accident
State:South Carolina
Attorneys:Render Freeman of Andersen, Tate & Carr, P.C.
Case:White v. McCommons
No.1 in:Excavator Accident
Attorneys:Patrick J. Finn of The Myers Firm Offices, P.C.
Case:Brown v. Conrail Inc., et al.
No.1 in:Railroad Accident, FELA
Attorneys:W. Mullins McLeod Jr., H. Cooper Wilson III of McLeod Law Group LLC; J. Christopher Pracht of Thomason & Pracht LLP
Case:Abel v. Lack's Beach Serv. Inc.
No.1 in:Drowning Accident
State:South Carolina
Attorneys:Thomas E. Bosworth, Terrance R. DeAngelo of Kline & Specter P.C.
Case:Melendez v. Mo, et al.
No.1 in:Failure to Refer
Attorneys:Brian J. Kim, Maureen Hennessey of Savin Bursk Law
Case:Choto v. Dorothy D. Inc., et al.
No.1 in:Slip & Fall, Negligent Maintenance
Attorneys:Michael O. Pansini, Steven M. Mezrow of Pansini & Mezrow, P.C.
Case:Burnley v. Loew’s Hotel, et al.
No.1 in:Trip & Fall
Attorneys:Carmen S. Giordano of Giordano Law Offices LLC
Case:J.M. v. Joseph, et al.
No.1 in:Bus Accident, Mass Transit Accident
State:New York
Attorneys:Eric S. Block, Nicolas B. Iannucci of Morgan & Morgan P.A.; Stephen A. Marino Jr. of Ver Ploeg & Marino P.A.
Case:Long v. The Travelers Home & Marine Ins. Co.
No.1 in:Underinsured Motorist
Attorneys:Demetri K. Koutrakos, Harry A. Dixon of Callison Tighe & Robinson, LLC; Brian W. Zimmerman, Nicholas J. Reisch of Spencer Fane LLP
Case:Summit Shores Lender, LLC v. Enterprise Bank of South Carolina
No.1 in:Slander of Title
State:South Carolina
Attorneys:Jason B. Stephens of Stephens Law; Bill Kennedy, Joan Ballard of Bill Kennedy Law
Case:Wells, et al. v. Monticello Asset Management Inc.
No.1 in:Electrical Injury
Attorneys:Stephen R. Chance of Watkins, Lourie, Roll & Chance P.C.
Case:Estate of Dubose v. Gwinnett Operations LLC, et al.
No.1 in:Bed Sores
Attorneys:Gerald Burns, Mark Kasten, AshLeigh Sebia of Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC
Case:Cooper Health System v. Trinity Health
No.1 in:Breach of Confidentiality
State:New Jersey
Attorneys:Collin Cox, Michael A. Zarian, Katie Rose Talley of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher
Case:Bioscience v. Document Security Systems, Inc., et al.
No.1 in:Fraudulent Transfer
Attorneys:Howard Coker, Daniel Iracki, Chelsea R. Harris of Coker Law
Case:Tsao v. Harvill, et al.
No.1 in:Uninsured Motorist
Attorneys:Timothy Macdonald, Matthew J. Douglas, Edwin Aro, R. Reeves Anderson, Diana Sterk of Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer, LLP; Makeba Rutahindurwa, Elizabeth Wang of Loevy & Loevy
Case:Epps, et al. v. City and County of Denver, et al.
No.1 in:First Amendment Violation
Attorneys:David X. Sullivan, Matthew J. Rifino, Shannon D. Humiston of McCarter & English LLP
Case:Salt Meadows Homeowners Ass'n Inc., et al. v. Zonko Builders Inc.
No.1 in:Construction Defect, Contractor Negligence, Faulty Workmanship
Attorneys:Robert A. Winter Jr. of Robert A. Winter Jr., Attorney at Law; Benjamin M. Maraan II of Benjamin M. Maraan II, Attorney at Law
Case:Brown v. Durrani
No.1 in:Unnecessary Surgery, Lack of Informed Consent, Medical Battery
Attorneys:Richard Mithoff of Mithoff Law Firm; Ladd Sanger of Slack Davis Sanger LLP; Laurel M. Smith, W. Cameron McCulloch of MacIntyre McCulloch & Stanfield
Case:Christensen, et al. v. Weiss, et al.
No.1 in:Aviation Accident
Attorneys:Leslie F. Levy, Sharon R. Vinick, Katherine L. Smith of Levy Vinick Burrell Hyams LLP
Case:M.Z. v. County of Los Angeles, et al.
No.1 in:Gender Discrimination
Attorneys:Ralph T. Gibson of Gibson Perryman Law Firm
Case:Boddie v. The Chemours Co.
No.1 in:Age Discrimination
Attorneys:James P. Jacobsen, Joseph S. Stacey, Nigel T. Stacey of Stacey & Jacobsen PLLC
Case:Pinktaff v. Tidewater Barge Lines Inc.
No.1 in:Admiralty Law, Jones Act, Maritime Injury
Attorneys:Daniel Rodriguez, Joel Andreesen, Chantal Trujillo, Danay Gonzalez of Rodriguez & Associates; Joseph H. Low IV of The Law Office of Joseph H. Low IV
Case:Bough, et al. v. J Squared General Contractors Inc., et al.
No.1 in:Forklift Accident
Attorneys:John S. Worden, Sarah E. Diamond of Venable LLP
Case:Zia Agric. Consulting LLC v. Tyson Fresh Meats Inc.
No.1 in:Quantum Meruit
State:New Mexico
Attorneys:Stephen M. Blecha of Coplan & Crane Ltd.
Case:Estate of Mathai v. Alexian Brothers Med. Grp., et al.
No.1 in:Neurosurgery Malpractice
Attorneys:Gregory Kafoury, Mark McDougal, Jason Kafoury of Kafoury & McDougal
Case:Prentice v. Loy Clark Pipeline Co.
No.1 in:Gas Leak
Attorneys:Daniel W. Courtney of Daniel W. Courtney, P.A.
Case:Passenger v. Carnival Corp.
No.1 in:Rape
Attorneys:Alexander P. Yakaitis of Bader & Yakaitis LLP
Case:Wang v. Boston Deluxe Inc., et al.
No.1 in:Failure to Intervene
State:New York
Attorneys:Mark Poses, Todd Poses of Poses Law Group PA
Case:Mendez, et al. v. Oracle Elevator Co.
No.1 in:Elevator Accident
Attorneys:Robert S. Carlson, Cullen C. Wilkerson, Lauren J. Miller of Caldwell, Carlson, Elliott & DeLoach LLP
Case:Foye v. Kitchens
No.1 in:Shareholder Dispute
Attorneys:Wesley J. Carrillo, Matthew J. Gist of Ensz & Jester PC
Case:Extreme Karting LLC v. LB One LLC, et al.
No.1 in:Landlord-Tenant
Attorneys:Jennifer G. Damico, Sarah L. Gorski of Buckfire Law Firm
Case:Estate of Jones v. Corizon Health, Inc.
No.1 in:Cruel & Unusual Punishment
Attorneys:Bruce J. Downey IV of The Downey Law Firm LLC
Case:Estate of Ellswick v. Anniston Emergency Med. Servs. Inc.
No.1 in:Paramedic Malpractice
Attorneys:Simon H. Bloom, Shannan F. Oliver, Andrea J. Pearson of Bloom Parham LLP
Case:The Ardent Companies LLC, et al. v. City of Brookhaven, et al.
No.1 in:Inverse Condemnation
Attorneys:David Snyder of Fox Rothschild LLP
Case:Zehr Family Limited Partnership v. Montgomery Township
No.1 in:Eminent Domain Abuse
Attorneys:Travis Eiva of Eiva Law; Derek Larwick of Larwick Law Firm
Case:Estate of Ghenatos v. State of Oregon
No.1 in:Prison Negligence
Attorneys:Sam D. Starritt of Dufford, Waldeck, Milburn & Krohn L.L.P.; Lorraine E. Parker, Karen M. Blau of Parker Lipman LLP; Sean Connelly of Connelly Law LLC
Case:Doring v. Apyx Med. Corp.
No.1 in:Defective Medical Device
Attorneys:Daniel M. Epstein, James N. Sadd of Slappey & Sadd LLC; J. Mac Pilgrim of The Pilgrim Law Group LLC
Case:Dorsey v. Kepner, et al.
No.1 in:Anesthesia Error
Attorneys:D. Maimon Kirschenbaum, Joseph Nussbaum, Lucas Buzzard of Joseph & Kirschenbaum
Case:Zivkovic, et al. v. Laura Christy LLC, et al.
No.1 in:National Origin Discrimination, Wage & Hour Violation
State:New York
Attorneys:C. Phil Hall of Phil Hall, P.A.; Chris Crawford of Crawford Law
Case:Ratzlaff v. MSK Enterprises, Inc.
No.1 in:Restaurant Negligence
Attorneys:Sean Gillespie, Christopher Carney of Carney Gillespie PLLP; Scott Blair, Adam Urra, Kelli Bynum of Brain Injury Law of Seattle
Case:Bhatia v. First Student Inc., et al.
No.1 in:School Bus Accident
Attorneys:Robert P. Snyder, Erik P. Synder of Snyder Law Group PC
Case:Bisiakowski v. Weitzman, et al.
No.1 in:Dog Bite, Animal Attack
Attorneys:Michael Orr, Kathleen Crowley, Loreyn Raab, Alina Fernandez of Orr Cook
Case:The Blackstone Building, Inc. v. Controlled Demolition, Inc., et al.
No.1 in:Demolition Accident
Attorneys:Frank F. Fernandez III of The Fernandez Firm
Case:Van Kampen v. Lakeland Regional Med. Center Inc.
No.1 in:Hospital Negligence
Attorneys:Angel J. Horacek of Law Offices of Angel J. Horacek PC; Barbara DuVan-Clarke of Blackstone PC
Case:Young v. Dept. of Public Social Servs.
No.1 in:Family & Medical Leave Act
Attorneys:Mariam L. Hafezi, Kyli Cotten of Kaiser Hafezi Law; Magdalena Dworak of Law Office of Magdalena Dworak
Case:Bryja v. Yorath
No.1 in:Podiatry Malpractice
Attorneys:Robert W. Schmidt, Joe K. Crews of Crews Law Firm PC; Robert Notzon of The Law Office of Robert Notzon
Case:Nikolova v. University of Texas at Austin
No.1 in:Pregnancy Discrimination
Attorneys:Robert F. Brennan of Law Offices of Robert F. Brennan APC; Stephanie Tatar of Tatar Law Firm APC
Case:Larios v. Specialized Loan Servicing LLC
No.1 in:FCRA Violation
Attorneys:Geoffrey Thomas Moore, Steven R. Maher, Matthew S. Mokwa of Maher Law Firm P.A.; Jonathan P. Kieffer, Jeffrey M. Kuntz of Wagstaff & Cartmell LLP
Case:Redding v. Coloplast Corp.
No.1 in:Pelvic Mesh Complications
Attorneys:Solomon M. Radner, Madeline M. Sinkovich of Excolo Law PLLC
Case:Craft, et al. v. Billingslea
No.1 in:False Arrest
Attorneys:Robert J. Higdon Jr., Neal I. Fowler, C. Michael Anderson of U.S. Department of Justice
Case:USA v. Cline, et al.
No.1 in:FDCPA Violation
State:North Carolina
Attorneys:John J.E. Markham, Bridget A. Zerner, Thomas J. McCarty of Markham Read Zerner LLC
Case:Moran v. Khalil, et al.
No.1 in:Abuse of Process
Attorneys:Andrew A. Jones, Michael G. Sawicki of Sawicki Law
Case:Ainsworth v. Kasden, et al.
No.1 in:Plastic Surgery Malpractice
Attorneys:James R. Morgan of Law Offices of James R. Morgan
Case:Vaccarezza, et al. v. Baker, et al.
No.1 in:Veterinarian Negligence
Attorneys:Timothy M. Medcoff, Matthew Goldstein, Adam T. Peterson of Farhang & Medcoff
Case:Congress Street Clubs LLC v. 111-121 E. Congress LLC
No.1 in:Wrongful Eviction
Attorneys:Daniel Hogan, Jonathan B. Acklen of Law Offices of Robert A. Stutman PC
Case:The Cincinnati Ins. Co. v. SJL Co. Inc., et al.
No.1 in:Subrogation
Attorneys:Michael F. Sisson of Law Office of Michael F. Sisson; Douglas G. Benedon of Benedon & Serlin LLP; Christopher Brizzolara of Christopher Brizzolara, Attorney At Law
Case:Sharlein v. City of Los Angeles, CA
No.1 in:Racial Harassment
Attorneys:Clifford S. Argintar of Duffy & Duffy P.L.L.C.
Case:Estate of Dodd v. Keller, et al.
No.1 in:Chiropractor Malpractice
State:New York
Attorneys:Roger V. Archibald of Roger Victor Archibald, PLLC
Case:Shuford v. New York City, et al.
No.1 in:Prison Brutality
State:New York
Attorneys:Robert Marcereau of Marcereau Law Group
Case:Villegas v. Bayview Service Group, Inc.
No.1 in:Wrongful Disposition of Remains, Funeral Home Negligence
Attorneys:Paul Napoli of Napoli Shkolnik P.L.L.C.
Case:McCarthy v. Bethpage Union Free School District
No.1 in:Equipment Malfunction
State:New York
Attorneys:Seth W. Wiener of Law Offices of Seth W. Wiener
Case:Hawkins v. Zoegall
No.1 in:Unlicensed Activity
Attorneys:Daniel Shimko of Shimko Law PC
Case:Blues to You Inc. v. Auto-Owners Ins. Co.
No.1 in:Fire Damage
Attorneys:Torger S. Oaas of Oaas Law Offices
Case:Estate of Arndt v. Ideal Option PLLC
No.1 in:Pharmacy Malpractice
Attorneys:Zachary M. Mandell of Mandell, Schwartz & Boisclair
Case:Axtell v. Roger Williams Med. Center
No.1 in:Foreign Object
State:Rhode Island
Attorneys:Susan Machler, Simeon J. Osborn of Osborn Machler, PLLC
Case:Z.H., Pro Ami v. Estate of Hamilton
No.1 in:Brachial Plexus Injury
Attorneys:Christa Haggai Ramey of Ramey Law P.C.
Case:E.I., Pro Ami v. El Segundo Unified School District
No.1 in:Bullying
Attorneys:John E. Turner of Turner, Sweeny & Seaton; Kenneth D. Kinney of Ralston Kinney LLC
Case:Smith v. Raytown Water Co.
No.1 in:Utility Negligence
Attorneys:Paul J. Solda of Law Office Paul J. Solda
Case:Gem Financial Service, Inc. v. City of New York, et al.
No.1 in:Unreasonable Search & Seizure
State:New York
Attorneys:Eamon Jafari, Jacob R. Gould, Ike E. Orjiakor, Scott D. Dyle of Barrington Legal Inc.
Case:Ghasemi v. Babaeian
No.1 in:Insurance Broker Malpractice, Unpaid Benefits
Attorneys:Anthony J. Soto of Rubenstein Law PA
Case:Tirado v. Alvarez, et al.
No.1 in:Scooter Accident
Attorneys:Michael J. Smith of Sinton Scott Minock & Kerew
Case:Gilbert v. Regional Medical Group Memorial LLC, et al.
No.1 in:Physical Therapy Malpractice
Attorneys:James A. Pautler of Deno Millikan Law Firm PLLC
Case:Moore, et al. v. Star Dog Industries LLC, et al.
No.1 in:Promissory Note
Attorneys:Jeff E. Messing of Jeff E. Messing, Attorney at Law
Case:Kuawogai v. Ott, et al.
No.1 in:Wrongful Pregnancy
Attorneys:Robert Mitchell of Robert Mitchell, Attorney at Law, PLLC; Thomas G. Jarrard of The Law Office of Thomas G. Jarrard PLLC; SaraEllen Hutchison of Law Office of SaraEllen Hutchison PLLC
Case:Ward v. Shelby Cty.
No.1 in:Military Discrimination
Attorneys:Russell A. Woodard Jr. of Law Offices of Russell A. Woodard Jr., LLC; Russell A. Woodard of Russell A. Woodard, Attorney at Law
No.1 in:Tax Appeals
Attorneys:Kelley B. Duke, Benjamin J. Larson of Ireland Stapleton Pryor & Pascoe PC
Case:Klaasen, et al. v. Wagner, et al.
No.1 in:Promissory Estoppel
Attorneys:Matt Jackson of The Law Corner
Case:Bott v. Hipp
No.1 in:Family Law, Alienation of Affection
State:North Carolina
Attorneys:Scot D. Wilson, Daniel Kalinowski of Knight Law Group LLP
Case:Smirnov v. Jaguar Land Rover N. A. LLC
No.1 in:Lemon Law
Attorneys:Thomas E. Kennedy III, Sarah Jane Hunt of Law Offices of Thomas E. Kennedy, III L.C.
Case:Valencia, et al. v. City of Springfield, IL
No.1 in:Housing Discrimination
Attorneys:Walter F. Scott, III of Galloway Scott & Hancock LLC
Case:Alabama Power Co. v. Jordan
No.1 in:Easement Abuse
Attorneys:Tarun B. Rana of Rana Law Group
Case:Klopstein v. Felker
No.1 in:Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
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