Number 1 Verdicts in Texas in 2022



We are pleased to present to you the list of the largest – in each applicable case type (category) – plaintiff's jury verdicts obtained in Texas in the year 2022. The list is comprised of various case types that were tried either in state or federal courts of Texas.

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Attorneys:Christopher S. Hamilton, Ray T. Khirallah Jr., Grant P. Boston, Allie J. Hallmark of Hamilton Wingo LLP; Brad Jackson, Cheryl L. Mann of Law Offices of Brad Jackson; Douglas W. Alexander, Anna M. Baker, Melanie D. Plowman, Amy Warr, Kevin H. Dubose of Alexander Dubose & Jefferson LLP
Case:Estate of Thomas v. Holden Jr., et al.
No. 1 in: *All Practice Areas, Assault & Battery, Murder, Wrongful Death, Gross Negligence, Stabbing
Attorneys:J. Mark Mann, G. Blake Thompson, Andy Tindel of Mann Tindel Thompson; Morgan Chu, Alan Heinrich, Amy Proctor, Ben Hattenbach, Ian Washburn, Keith Orso, Charlotte Wen, Benjamin Manzin-Monnin, Jordan Nafekh, Emily Grant of Irell & Manella LLP
Case:VLSI Technology LLC v. Intel Corp.
No. 1 in: *Intellectual Property Infringement, Patent Infringement, Commercial Litigation
Attorneys:Brian Sanford, Elizabeth ‘BB’ Sanford of The Sanford Law Firm
Case:Harris v. Fedex Corporate Services Inc.
No. 1 in: *Civil Rights Violation, Race Discrimination, Retaliation, Wrongful Termination, Labor & Employment
Attorneys:Thomas E. Shaw of Law Offices of Thomas E. Shaw
Case:Estate of Crews v. Lazaro
No. 1 in: *Gunshot Wound
Attorneys:Jon J. Bailey of The Bailey Law Firm; Jeff Befort of Befort Law Firm, P.C.; Charles Miller 'Chad' Elkins of Elkins Law Firm; Russell S. Post, Joshua S. Smith of Beck Redden LLP
Case:Estate of Sanchez v. Helmerich & Payne International Drilling Co., et al.
No. 1 in: *Motor Vehicle Accident, Truck Accident, Multi-Vehicle Accident
Attorneys:Jesus Garcia Jr., Kevin C. Haynes of Kherkher Garcia LLP
Case:L.G. v. Rodriguez, et al.
No. 1 in: *Personal Injury, Premises Liability, Brain Injury, Single-Vehicle Accident, Bodily Injury
Attorneys:James R. Moriarty of Law Offices of James R. Moriarty; Katherine McCredy, Andrew Sullo of Sullo & Sullo; Ryan Skiver of The Skiver Law Firm
Case:Clark, et al. v. Procare RX, et al.
No. 1 in: *Dental Malpractice, Medical Malpractice, Professional Malpractice
Attorneys:David V. Jones, Laurence S. Kurth, Taylor R. Beaver of Akerman LLP
Case:GC System, A.S. v. Whitesell International, Inc., et al.
No. 1 in: *Breach of Contract
Attorneys:Brian Sanford, Elizabeth ‘BB’ Sanford, David B. Norris of The Sanford Law Firm
Case:Yarbrough, et al. v. Glow Networks Inc.
No. 1 in: *Wrongful Demotion, Failure to Promote
Attorneys:Mark D. Bankston, Wesley T. Ball, Kyle W. Farrar, William R. Ogden of Farrar & Ball LLP
Case:Heslin v. Jones, et al.
No. 1 in: *Defamation, Libel
Attorneys:Robert F. Corrigan of Baylor College of Medicine; Murray Fogler, Robin O’Neil, Jas Brar, Carly Milner of Fogler, Brar, O’Neil & Gray
Case:Baylor College of Medicine v. Lloyd's
No. 1 in: *Insurance Bad Faith, Property Damage
Attorneys:Marshall S. May of Law Office of Marshall May LLC; Michael R. Goldman of Goldman Law PC
Case:Bonilla v. Tarantino Properties Inc.
No. 1 in: *Negligent Security, Amputation
Attorneys:Jared Perkins of Perkins & Perkins Law PLLC; John C. Duff, Matthew S. Hull of Hilliard Martinez Gonzalez
Case:Garza v. Mostaghasi Enterprises, et al.
No. 1 in: *Construction Accident, Work Accident, Ladder Accident, Occupational Injury
Attorneys:Jason B. Stephens of Stephens Law; Bill Kennedy, Joan Ballard of Bill Kennedy Law
Case:Wells, et al. v. Monticello Asset Management Inc.
No. 1 in: *Electrical Injury
Attorneys:Joseph Mokodean, Roger Walton of The Law Firm of Rocky Walton
Case:Shorter v. Stratton, et al.
No. 1 in: *Car Accident, DUI
Attorneys:Collin Cox, Michael A. Zarian, Katie Rose Talley of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher
Case:Bioscience v. Document Security Systems, Inc., et al.
No. 1 in: *Fraudulent Transfer
Attorneys:Richard Mithoff of Mithoff Law Firm; Ladd Sanger of Slack Davis Sanger LLP; Laurel M. Smith, W. Cameron McCulloch of MacIntyre McCulloch & Stanfield
Case:Christensen, et al. v. Weiss, et al.
No. 1 in: *Aviation Accident
Attorneys:Sean P. Tracey, Scott C. Greenlee, Lance Nolan Walters, Shawn P. Fox of Tracey Fox King & Walters
Case:Silverthorne v. Baylor College of Medicine
No. 1 in: *Premature Discharge
Attorneys:Michael Reer, James Key, Mac Smith of Harris, Finley & Bogle, P.C.
Case:PPC Energy, LP v. NGL Water Solutions
No. 1 in: *Pollution
Attorneys:Alex Hilliard, Michael Richardson, Jessi Pritchett of Hilliard Martinez Gonzales LLP; Juan Reyna of Reyna Law Firm
Case:Estate of Garcia v. BASF Corp.
No. 1 in: *Slip & Fall
Attorneys:Robert Wilson, Richard Hunnicutt, Roger L. Turk of Thomas J. Henry Law, PLLC
Case:Amador v. Vasquez, et al.
No. 1 in: *Excessive Force, Government Negligence, Police Brutality, Police Misconduct
Attorneys:Christopher W. Carr, Michael Lyons, Michael Fechner of Lyons & Simmons, LLP
Case:Adams v. Flower Mound Hospital Partners LLC
No. 1 in: *Delayed Treatment, Paraplegia, Paralysis Injury
Attorneys:Randall O. Sorrels of Sorrels Law
Case:Tummel v. Escamilla
No. 1 in: *Pedestrian Accident
Attorneys:Seth McCloskey, Steven C. Laird of Laird & McCloskey
Case:Jones v. Bianco Brain and Spine, PLLC, et al.
No. 1 in: *Surgical Error, Neurosurgery Malpractice
Attorneys:Michael Patrick Doyle, Patrick Dennis, Jeffrey Avery, Emma Rose Brockway of Doyle Dennis LLP
Case:Gillies v. Valaris PLC
No. 1 in: *Jones Act, Maritime Injury
Attorneys:Amos L. Barton of The Carlson Law Firm
Case:N.M. v. Metzger
No. 1 in: *Invasion of Privacy
Attorneys:Enrique Chavez Jr., Michael R. Anderson of Chavez Law Firm; John Lomax Anderson of Rincon Law Group PC
Case:Marquez v. TE Connectivity Corp.
No. 1 in: *Disability Discrimination
Attorneys:Gregory L. Feste, Tommy R. Hastings of Hastings Law Firm PC
Case:Roberts v. Kelsey-Sebold Medical Group PLLC
No. 1 in: *Failure to Diagnose, Failure to Test
Attorneys:Robert W. Schmidt, Joe K. Crews of Crews Law Firm PC; Robert Notzon of The Law Office of Robert Notzon
Case:Nikolova v. University of Texas at Austin
No. 1 in: *Gender Discrimination, Pregnancy Discrimination
Attorneys:Stephen C. Maxwell, Daniel P. Sullivan of Bailey & Galyen
Case:Meyers v. Target Corp.
No. 1 in: *Falling Object
Attorneys:Adam Muery, Maureen Farrell of Muery & Farrell, PC
Case:Crepeau, et al. v. Combs, et al.
No. 1 in: *Breach of Fiduciary Duty
Attorneys:Andrew A. Jones, Michael G. Sawicki of Sawicki Law
Case:Ainsworth v. Kasden, et al.
No. 1 in: *Plastic Surgery Malpractice
Attorneys:Marc Tecce, Andrew J. Garrett of The Law Offices of Marc Tecce; Thomas E. Shaw of The Law Offices of Thomas E. Shaw PC; Sheridan Lewis of Law Office of Sheridan Lewis PC
Case:Kearney v. Terra/Shady Oaks LP, et al.
No. 1 in: *Property Rights, Nuisance, Trespass
Attorneys:Tanner Franklin, Sean Hightower of Hightower, Franklin, & James, PLLC; Benjamin Newman of Ben Newman Attorney at Law, PLLC
Case:Mahan, et al. v. Department of Public Safety
No. 1 in: *Whistleblower Retaliation
Attorneys:Peter J. Rutter, R. Steven Chandler, William B. Cain, Rolando De La Garza of The Cain Law Firm P.C.
Case:Paez v. Wal-Mart Stores Texas L.L.C.
No. 1 in: *Trip & Fall
Attorneys:Michael J. Smikun of the Law Office of Sean R. Callagy; Juan F. Tinoco of Law Office of Juan F. Tinoco
Case:The Law Funder, LLC v. Munoz, et al.
No. 1 in: *Legal Malpractice
Attorneys:Cesar Tavares, Margot Trevino of Williams Hart Boundas Easterby
Case:Stewart v. Union Pacific Railroad Co.
No. 1 in: *Railroad Accident, FELA
Attorneys:Susan E. Hutchison, J. Robert Hudson of Hutchison & Stoy P.L.L.C.
Case:Mott v. Tesmec USA Inc.
No. 1 in: *Age Discrimination
Attorneys:Enrique Chavez Jr., Michael R. Anderson of Chavez Law Firm; John Lomax Anderson of Rincon Law Group PC
Case:Ares v. Schneider Electric USA
No. 1 in: *Sexual Harassment
Attorneys:Jerry E. Martin, David Garrison, Seth M. Hyatt of Barrett Johnston Martin & Garrison L.L.C.; Charles S. Siegel, Wm. Paul Lawrence, Caitlyn Silhan of Waters Kraus & Paul; Roberto L. Ramirez of The Ramirez Law Firm PLLC
Case:Loy v. Rehab Synergies LLC
No. 1 in: *Class Action, Wage & Hour Violation
Attorneys:Barrett T. Robin, Grant P. Boston of Hamilton Wingo, LLP
Case:Lippold v. State Farm Mutual Auto. Ins. Co.
No. 1 in: *Uninsured Motorist
Attorneys:Jason F. DeSouza, Robert B. Evans, Lucas W. Williams of DeSouza Law P.C.
Case:Henderson v. Allstate Fire & Cas. Ins. Co.
No. 1 in: *Underinsured Motorist
Attorneys:Tommy R. Hastings, Gregory L. Feste of Hastings Law Firm PC
Case:Sturgill, et al. v. HSMTX/Richmond LLC, et al.
No. 1 in: *Nursing Home Malpractice, Failure to Treat
Attorneys:Ernest Leonard of Friedman & Feiger LLP
Case:Green Children’s Trust v. Havard, et al.
No. 1 in: *Promissory Note
Attorneys:R. Scott Westlund of Ketterman Rowland & Westlund; Jack D. Hurd of Keith & Lorfing
Case:Escobar v. Mullins
No. 1 in: *Motorcycle Accident
Attorneys:S. Benjamin Shabot of Beeton Shabot LLC
Case:Watkins Real Estate Dev. LLC v. Leviner, et al.
No. 1 in: *Promissory Estoppel
Attorneys:Eric D. Nielsen of The Nielsen Law Firm PC
Case:Canterbury v. Luby’s Fuddruckers Restaurants LLC
No. 1 in: *Restaurant Negligence
Attorneys:Kell A. Simon of The Law Offices of Kell A. Simon
Case:Carter v. California Grill L.L.C.
No. 1 in: *Constructive Discharge
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