Number 1 Verdicts in New York in 2022



We are pleased to present to you the list of the largest – in each applicable case type (category) – plaintiff's jury verdicts obtained in New York in the year 2022. The list is comprised of various case types that were tried either in state or federal courts of New York.

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Attorneys: Matthew Schwartz, John Zach, Craig Wenner Valecia Battle, Sabina Mariella, Sophie Roytblat, Lindsey Ruff, Erica Sweeting, Marshall Dore Louis of Boies Schiller Flexner
Case: City of Almaty, KZ, et al. v. Ablyazov, et al.
No. 1 in: * Conspiracy, Fraud, Conversion, Unjust Enrichment, All Practice Areas
Attorneys: James LiCalzi of Duffy & Duffy, PLLC
Case: Quick v. Jacobi Medical Center
No. 1 in: * Birth Injury, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Brain Injury, Cerebral Palsy, Ob-Gyn Malpractice, Premature Childbirth, Paralysis Injury, Bodily Injury
Attorneys: Amy C. Keller of Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria LLP
Case: LG 46 Doe v. Jackson
No. 1 in: * Sexual Abuse, Psychological Injury, Child Abuse
Attorneys: Laurence D. Rogers, Pawel A. Jankowski of The Platta Law Firm PLLC; Jeffrey W. Varcadipane of Varcadipane & Pinnisi PC
Case: Hrychorczuk v. BBM Construction Corp., et al.
No. 1 in: * Construction Accident, Workplace Negligence, Workplace Safety, Ladder Accident, Quadriplegia, Occupational Injury, Fall from Height
Attorneys: Steven Ward Williams of Smith Sovik Kenderick & Sugnet
Case: Powers v. City of Geneva
No. 1 in: * Government Negligence, Toxic Exposure, Lead Poisoning
Attorneys: Steven Molo, Robert Kry, Sara Margolis, Mark Kelley, Alexandra Eynon of MoloLamken LLP; Solomon Cera, Pamela Markert, Kenneth A. Frost of CERA LLP
Case: Gruber v. Reger
No. 1 in: * Class Action, Fraudulent Concealment, Securities Fraud
Attorneys: Brian J. Isaac, Kenneth J. Gorman of Pollack, Pollack, Isaac & DeCicco LLP; Mary Ellen Duffy of Duffy & Duffy, PLLC
Case: R.L. v. Wagner, et al.
No. 1 in: * Delayed Childbirth
Attorneys: Jordan K. Merson, Jordan Rutsky of Merson Law, PLLC
Case: Cox v. Lorich, et al.
No. 1 in: * Failure to Treat
Attorneys: Brittany Russell, Pierre Ratzki of Weitz & Luxenberg PC
Case: McWilliams v. Jenkins Bros.
No. 1 in: * Asbestos Exposure, Failure to Warn, Product Liability, Defective Product, Mesothelioma
Attorneys: Joseph P. Awad, Erica N. Moskowitz of Silberstein, Awad & Miklos, P.C.
Case: Sullivan v. Snow, et al.
No. 1 in: * Delayed Treatment, Failure to Diagnose
Attorneys: Charles S. Gucciardo, Jon-Paul Gabriele of The Gucciardo Law Firm PLLC
Case: Williams, et al. v. County of Nassau
No. 1 in: * Premises Liability, Failure to Maintain
Attorneys: Carmen S. Giordano of Giordano Law Offices LLC
Case: J.M. v. Joseph, et al.
No. 1 in: * Bus Accident, Motor Vehicle Accident, Pedestrian Accident, Mass Transit Accident
Attorneys: Daniel P. Blouin, Donald P. Blydenburgh, Randy S. Cohn, Olivia P. Kelly, James R. Huss of Simmons Hanly Conroy LLC
Case: Estate of Seen v. 84 Lumber Co., et al.
No. 1 in: * Wrongful Death
Attorneys: Scott J. Zlotolow of Zlotolow & Associates P.C.
Case: Brown v. NYCTA
No. 1 in: * Slip & Fall
Attorneys: Ari L. Taub of Phillips & Paolicelli, LLP
Case: Grey v. Spicehandler
No. 1 in: * Delayed Diagnosis
Attorneys: Jonathan S. Abady, Ilann M. Maazel, Zoe Salzman, Sara Luz Estela of Emery Celli Brinckerhoff & Abady LLP
Case: H.B. v. Haggis
No. 1 in: * Assault & Battery, Rape, Sexual Assault, Sexual Battery
Attorneys: Stephen Z. Williamson of Law Office of Stephen Z. Williamson, PLLC, Trial Counsel for Elliott Ifraimoff & Associates, PC
Case: Bako v. Sarah Lawrence College
No. 1 in: * Trip & Fall
Attorneys: Alexander P. Yakaitis of Bader & Yakaitis LLP
Case: Wang v. Boston Deluxe Inc., et al.
No. 1 in: * Assault & Battery, Negligent Security
Attorneys: R. Colin Campbell of Campbell & Associates; Catherine B. Dempsey of The Dempsey Firm
Case: Perkins v. County of Tompkins, et al.
No. 1 in: * Motorcycle Accident
Attorneys: Seth A. Harris, Sheri H. Holland, David L. Henderson of Harris, Keenan & Goldfarb PLLC
Case: Caver v. ABCNY Inc., et al.
No. 1 in: * Negligent Maintenance
Attorneys: Steven R. Schlesinger, Rachel L. Patrick, Christopher E. Vatter of Jaspan Schlesinger LLP
Case: 211-12 N. Blvd. Corp., et al. v. LIC Contracting Inc., et al.
No. 1 in: * Property Damage, Construction Defect, Real Estate, Contractor Negligence
Attorneys: Wayne C. Felle of The Law Offices of Wayne C. Felle, P.C.
Case: Ortiz v. Stambach
No. 1 in: * Civil Rights Violation, Malicious Prosecution, Police Misconduct
Attorneys: Peter S. Thomas of Peter S. Thomas PC; Luis A. Umana of Sinel & Olesen, PLLC
Case: Estate of Miller v. Forest View Nursing Home Inc.
No. 1 in: * Nursing Home Malpractice
Attorneys: Joseph S. Bavaro of Salenger, Sack, Kimmel & Bavaro
Case: Landy v. Checo, et al.
No. 1 in: * Surgical Error
Attorneys: Ronald C. Burke of Kelner & Kelner
Case: Tulchinsky v. Pikman, et al.
No. 1 in: * Dental Malpractice, Failure to Inform
Attorneys: Nick Brustin, Emma Freudenberger, Katherine Haas of Neufeld Scheck & Brustin LLP
Case: Rosario v. City of New York, et al.
No. 1 in: * Due Process Violation
Attorneys: D. Maimon Kirschenbaum, Joseph Nussbaum, Lucas Buzzard of Joseph & Kirschenbaum
Case: Zivkovic, et al. v. Laura Christy LLC, et al.
No. 1 in: * National Origin Discrimination, Wage & Hour Violation, Labor & Employment, Employment Discrimination
Attorneys: Joseph Bavaro, Justin S. Curtis of Salenger, Sack, Kimmel & Bavaro LLP
Case: Barone v. Metropolitan Transit Authority, et al.
No. 1 in: * FELA
Attorneys: Glenn E. Auletta of Gruenberg Kelly Della
Case: Monti v. Shaw, et al.
No. 1 in: * Amputation
Attorneys: Brad R. Newberg, Lucy Jewett Wheatley, Amanda L. DeFord, Matthew W. Cornelia of McGuireWoods LLP
Case: Lexington Furniture Industries Inc. v. Lexington Co.
No. 1 in: * Intellectual Property Infringement, Unfair Competition, Trademark Infringement, Commercial Litigation
Attorneys: John F. Maxwell of Maxwell Murphy L.L.C.
Case: Vasquez v. Gilbane Building Co., et al.
No. 1 in: * Falling Object
Attorneys: Gregory w. Kirschenbaum, Jesse S. Weinstein of Phillips & Associates, PLLC
Case: Pardovani v. Crown Building Maintenance Co., et al.
No. 1 in: * Hostile Work Environment, Race Discrimination, Retaliation, Workplace Harassment
Attorneys: Susan Dennehy, Jean M. Prabhu of Burns & Harris
Case: Perez v. Nizam
No. 1 in: * Misdiagnosis, Unnecessary Surgery
Attorneys: Clifford S. Argintar of Duffy & Duffy P.L.L.C.
Case: Estate of Dodd v. Keller, et al.
No. 1 in: * Chiropractor Malpractice
Attorneys: Roger V. Archibald of Roger Victor Archibald, PLLC
Case: Shuford v. New York City, et al.
No. 1 in: * Excessive Force, Prison Brutality
Attorneys: Jason M. Telaak of Campbell & Associates
Case: Smith v. Smith
No. 1 in: * Truck Accident
Attorneys: Karlesha V. Hewitt of Harris, Keenan & Goldfarb PLLC
Case: Brown v. S-Five Properties LLC, et al.
No. 1 in: * Burn Injury
Attorneys: Paul Napoli of Napoli Shkolnik P.L.L.C.
Case: McCarthy v. Bethpage Union Free School District
No. 1 in: * Equipment Malfunction
Attorneys: Daniel J. Solinsky of Edelman Krasin & Jaye PLLC
Case: Sinera v. Bedford-Webster LLC, et al.
No. 1 in: * Forklift Accident
Attorneys: Carmine J. Carolei of Rutberg Breslow Personal Injury Law
Case: Rheault-Scherer v. Falcon Music & Art Productions Inc.
No. 1 in: * Restaurant Negligence
Attorneys: Paul J. Solda of Law Office Paul J. Solda
Case: Gem Financial Service, Inc. v. City of New York, et al.
No. 1 in: * Unreasonable Search & Seizure
Attorneys: Michael O. Hueston of Michael Hueston, Attorney at Law; Eylan Schulman of Schulman Law
Case: McClarin v. Grieco, et al.
No. 1 in: * Police Brutality
Attorneys: Gabriel E. Estadella of Law Office of Gabriel E. Estadella; Robert L. Greenberg of Robert L. Greenberg PC
Case: Santiago v. Fischer, et al.
No. 1 in: * Wrongful Imprisonment
Attorneys: Christopher L. Brown of Brown & Rosen LLC
Case: Webber, et al. v. Dash, et al.
No. 1 in: * Defamation, Slander, Reputational Harm, Libel
Attorneys: Clifford S. Argintar of Duffy & Duffy P.L.L.C.
Case: Estate of Coyle v. Halpern, et al.
No. 1 in: * Medication Error
Attorneys: Albert Van-Lare of Law Offices of Albert Van-Lare
Case: Belvin, et al. v. Electchester Mgmt. LLC
No. 1 in: * Disability Discrimination
Attorneys: Jacob Chen of Dai & Associates PC
Case: Gao, et al. v. Liang, et al.
No. 1 in: * Breach of Fiduciary Duty
Attorneys: Meredith A. Yevin of Krentsel & Guzman LLP
Case: Gonzalez v. Ham, et al.
No. 1 in: * Multi-Vehicle Accident
Attorneys: Glenn W. Nick of Sullivan, Papain, Block, McGrath, Coffinas & Cannavo P.C.
Case: Morra v. Hoina, et al.
No. 1 in: * Erroneous Treatment
Attorneys: Andres Alonso of Alonso Krangle, LLP
Case: Ewart v. Khan
No. 1 in: * Plastic Surgery Malpractice
Attorneys: Mariusz Sniarowski, Eileen M. Kelly of The Perecman Firm PLLC
Case: Curtis v. Lodato
No. 1 in: * Recreational Vehicle Accident
Attorneys: Steven Fingerhut of Phillips & Associates PLLC
Case: Grant v. Pexie Enterprises Inc., et al.
No. 1 in: * Constructive Discharge

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