Number 1 Verdicts in California in 2022



We are pleased to present to you the list of the largest – in each applicable case type (category) – plaintiff's jury verdicts obtained in California in the year 2022. The list is comprised of various case types that were tried either in state or federal courts of California.

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Attorneys:David M. deRubertis of The deRubertis Law Firm APC; Todd H. Harrison, Brennan S. Kahn of Perona, Langer, Beck, Serbin & Harrison APC
Case:Martinez, et al. v. Southern California Edison Co., et al.
No. 1 in: *Civil Rights Violation, Hostile Work Environment, Retaliation, Constructive Discharge, Whistleblower Retaliation, Labor & Employment, Emotional Distress, Workplace Harassment
Attorneys:John C. Hueston, Moez M. Kaba, Lauren M. Johnson, Sara Haji, Sourabh Mishra, Allison L. Libeu of Hueston Hennigan
Case:Monster Energy Co. v. Vital Pharmaceuticals Inc.
No. 1 in: *False Advertising, Intellectual Property Infringement, Tortious Interference, Misappropriation of Trade Secrets, Commercial Litigation
Attorneys:Jude Basile of The Basile Law Firm; David Sullivan of Golper, Sullivan, Rivera & Osuna
Case:Collins v. Diamond Generating Corp.
No. 1 in: *Work Accident, Workplace Safety, Wrongful Death, Gas Explosion, Occupational Injury
Attorneys:Clay Barnett III, J. Mitch Williams, Rebecca Gilliland, Dylan Martin of Beasley, Allen, Crow, Methvin, Portis & Miles, P.C.; Adam Levitt, Christopher Stombaugh, John E. Tangren, Daniel R. Ferri, Mark M. Abramowitz, Joseph Frate of DiCello Levitt; Jennie Anderson of Andrus Anderson LLP; Anthony Garcia of AG Law PA
Case:Siqueiros, et al. v. General Motors LLC
No. 1 in: *Breach of Contract, Breach of Warranty, Class Action, Consumer Fraud, Consumer Protection
Attorneys:Lauren Cerri, B. Robert Allard of Corsiglia, McMahon and Allard; Natalie L. Weatherford of Taylor & Ring LLP
Case:Students v. Union School District
No. 1 in: *Government Negligence, Personal Injury, School Safety, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, Children's Rights, Child Abuse
Attorneys:Mark F. Fleming of Singleton Schreiber; Timothy A. Scott, Marcus Bourassa, Kimberly S. Trimble of McKenzie Scott P.C.
Case:Estate of Phounsy v. County of San Diego, et al.
No. 1 in: *Assault & Battery, Excessive Force, Police Brutality, Police Misconduct, Death in Custody
Attorneys:Daniel Rodriguez, Chantal Trujillo, Danay Gonzalez of Rodriguez & Associates; Joseph H. Low IV of The Law Firm of Joseph H. Low IV
Case:Ruckman, et al. v. Big N Deep, et al.
No. 1 in: *Brain Injury, Burn Injury, Bodily Injury
Attorneys:Patrick Richard, Byron Gee, Fred Fudacz, Ilse Scott, Raven McGuane of the Nossaman Law Firm
Case:Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency v. Whittaker Corp.
No. 1 in: *Pollution, Environmental Protection, Clean Water Act, Public Nuisance
Attorneys:Arash Homampour of The Homampour Law Firm; Matthew B.F. Biren, John A. Roberts of Biren Law Group
Case:O’Malley v. Diamond Resorts Mgmt. Inc.
No. 1 in: *Premises Liability
Attorneys:Michael Alder, Eli S. Cohen of Alder Law PC; Michael D. Axline of Miller & Axline
Case:City of Modesto v. The Dow Chemical Co., et al.
No. 1 in: *Product Liability, Defective Product
Attorneys:J. Noah Hagey, Jeffrey M. Theodore, Forrest A. Hainline III, J. Tobias Rowe, Douglas S. Curran of Braunhagey & Borden LLP
Case:Stone Brewing Co. LLC v. MillerCoors LLC
No. 1 in: *Trademark Infringement
Attorneys:Christopher Yates, Sarah Ray, Sy Damle, Britt Lovejoy of Latham & Watkins
Case:Oracle America Inc. v. Hewlett Packard Ent. Co.
No. 1 in: *Copyright Infringement
Attorneys:William D. Shapiro, Brian D. Shapiro of Law Offices of William D. Shapiro
Case:Hernandez v. Harris, et al.
No. 1 in: *Car Accident, Motor Vehicle Accident, Truck Accident, Quadriplegia, Paralysis Injury
Attorneys:Jessica M. Dean, Benjamin H. Adams, Rachel A. Gross of Dean Omar Branham Shirley LLP
Case:Chapman v. Avon Prods. Inc., et al.
No. 1 in: *Asbestos Exposure, Toxic Exposure, Mesothelioma
Attorneys:Thomas Umberg, Scott B. Garner of Umberg Zipser LLP
Case:Park v. Law Offices of Tracey Buck-Walsh, et al.
No. 1 in: *Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Legal Malpractice, Professional Malpractice
Attorneys:Erika Bright, Noah Nadler, Lauren Leider of Wick Phillips, LLP; Philip E. Cook, Brian J. Wright of The Cook Law Firm, P.C.
Case:Weber Metals Inc. v. ACE American Ins. Co.
No. 1 in: *Insurance Bad Faith, Property Damage
Attorneys:Arash Homampour, Ronan Duggan of The Homampour Law Firm P.L.C.; Jason S. Halpern of Halpern & Associates
Case:Estate of Andrade v. Tapia
No. 1 in: *Motorcycle Accident
Attorneys:Dustin L. Collier, V. Joshua Socks, Elizabeth R. Malay of Collier Law Firm, LLP; Brian C. Mathias of Law Office of Brian Mathias; Drew F. Teti of Law Offices of Drew F. Teti
Case:Ruvalcaba v. Santa Cruz City Schools, et al.
No. 1 in: *Disability Discrimination, Wrongful Termination, Failure to Accommodate, Spoliation of Evidence
Attorneys:Craig J. Lavoie, Brandon E. Martinez, Jr., Jennifer Lynn Bryant, Mari T. Saigal of Munger Tolles & Olson, LLP; Luis Li, Eric P. Tuttle, Melissa Mills of Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati, PC; Jerome M. Jackson of Law Offices of Jerome M. Jackson
Case:Bryant v. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, et al.
No. 1 in: *Invasion of Privacy
Attorneys:Raymond D. McElfish of McElfish Law Firm
Case:Nevis v. Rideout Memorial Hospital, et al.
No. 1 in: *Medical Malpractice, Premature Discharge, Failure to Test, Amputation
Attorneys:Victor L. George, Wayne C. Smith of The Law Offices of Victor L. George
Case:Mosley v. Pacifica Corp.
No. 1 in: *Nursing Home Malpractice, Elder Abuse, Elder Law
Attorneys:Adante Pointer, Patrick Buelna of Pointer & Buelna LLP; Melissa Nold of Nold Law; John Burris of Law Offices of John Burris
Case:Mondragon v. City of Fremont
No. 1 in: *Gunshot Wound
Attorneys:Brian J. Kim, Maureen Hennessey of Savin Bursk Law
Case:Choto v. Dorothy D. Inc., et al.
No. 1 in: *Slip & Fall
Attorneys:Christopher B. Dolan, Cioffi C. Remmer of Dolan Law Firm PC
Case:Castro-Gonzalez v. Cazarez
No. 1 in: *Pedestrian Accident, DUI
Attorneys:Brett J. Schreiber of Singleton Schreiber
Case:Neeley v. State of California
No. 1 in: *Falling Object, Paraplegia
Attorneys:Courtland L. Reichman, Christine Lehman, Shawna Ballard, Khue Hoang, Jennifer Estremera, Ariel Green, Jaime Cardenas-Navia, Michael Matulewicz-Crowley, Philip Eklem, Taylor Mauze of Reichman Jorgensen Lehman & Feldberg LLP
Case:Droplets Inc. v. Yahoo Inc.
No. 1 in: *Patent Infringement
Attorneys:Leslie F. Levy, Sharon R. Vinick, Katherine L. Smith of Levy Vinick Burrell Hyams LLP
Case:M.Z. v. County of Los Angeles, et al.
No. 1 in: *Gender Discrimination
Attorneys:Daniel Rodriguez, Joel Andreesen, Chantal Trujillo, Danay Gonzalez of Rodriguez & Associates; Joseph H. Low IV of The Law Office of Joseph H. Low IV
Case:Bough, et al. v. J Squared General Contractors Inc., et al.
No. 1 in: *Forklift Accident
Attorneys:John N. Demas of Demas Law Group, P.C.; Kelsey DePaoli of The Law Office of Black & DePaoli
Case:Bosch v. Premiere Raspberries, LLC, et al.
No. 1 in: *Multi-Vehicle Accident
Attorneys:H. Dean Aynechi, Gilland Jones of West Coast Trial Lawyers APLC; Kamran Shahabi of Valiant Law
Case:Melendez v. Arellano, et al.
No. 1 in: *Wrongful Imprisonment, Adult Day Care Negligence
Attorneys:Taylor Marks, Daryoosh Khashayar, Angela Ness of Khashayar Law Group
Case:Brownlee v. City of San Diego, et al.
No. 1 in: *Trip & Fall
Attorneys:Matthew S. McNicholas, Douglas D. Winter of McNicholas & McNicholas LLP
Case:Vince v. City of Los Angeles
No. 1 in: *Wrongful Demotion, Failure to Promote
Attorneys:Robert F. Brennan of Law Offices of Robert F. Brennan APC; Stephanie Tatar of Tatar Law Firm APC
Case:Larios v. Specialized Loan Servicing LLC
No. 1 in: *FCRA Violation
Attorneys:Mark T. Quigley, Aaron L. Osten of Greene Broillet & Wheeler LLP
Case:Ryan v. County of Los Angeles
No. 1 in: *False Claims Act
Attorneys:Jarod A. Krissman, Ian C. Deady of Krissman & Silver L.L.P.
Case:Martin v. BNSF Railway Co.
No. 1 in: *FELA
Attorneys:Michael Alder, Mansour Soltanmoradi of AlderLaw, PC
Case:Garner-Dow, et al. v. Cotti Foods Corp.
No. 1 in: *Restaurant Negligence
Attorneys:Christopher C. Saldana of Shewry & Saldana, LLP
Case:Marien, et al. v. Kuczewski, et al.
No. 1 in: *Defamation, Reputational Harm
Attorneys:James R. Morgan of Law Offices of James R. Morgan
Case:Vaccarezza, et al. v. Baker, et al.
No. 1 in: *Veterinarian Negligence
Attorneys:Michael F. Sisson of Law Office of Michael F. Sisson; Douglas G. Benedon of Benedon & Serlin LLP; Christopher Brizzolara of Christopher Brizzolara, Attorney At Law
Case:Sharlein v. City of Los Angeles, CA
No. 1 in: *Racial Harassment
Attorneys:Todd D. Thibodo of Law Offices of Todd D. Thibodo; William R. Chapman of Krupnick & Chapman LLP
Case:Tamny v. Baca
No. 1 in: *Bicycle Accident
Attorneys:Robert Marcereau of Marcereau Law Group
Case:Villegas v. Bayview Service Group, Inc.
No. 1 in: *Funeral Home Negligence
Attorneys:Michael Jeandron of Roberts Jeandron Law; Nicole Lahmani of Lahmani Law APC
Case:Villalobos v. Rivas, et al.
No. 1 in: *Bus Accident
Attorneys:Seth W. Wiener of Law Offices of Seth W. Wiener
Case:Hawkins v. Zoegall
No. 1 in: *Unlicensed Activity, Contractor Negligence
Attorneys:Tyler J. Lindberg, Ty S. Vanderford, Rodolfo F. Ruiz of Vanderford & Ruiz LLP
Case:D.L. v. The Regents of The University of California, et al.
No. 1 in: *Failure to Diagnose, Misdiagnosis
Attorneys:Christa Haggai Ramey of Ramey Law P.C.
Case:E.I., Pro Ami v. El Segundo Unified School District
No. 1 in: *Bullying
Attorneys:Eamon Jafari, Jacob R. Gould, Ike E. Orjiakor, Scott D. Dyle of Barrington Legal Inc.
Case:Ghasemi v. Babaeian
No. 1 in: *Insurance Broker Malpractice
Attorneys:Scot D. Wilson, Daniel Kalinowski of Knight Law Group LLP
Case:Smirnov v. Jaguar Land Rover N. A. LLC
No. 1 in: *Lemon Law
Attorneys:Dennis M. Grady, Jessica Coronado of Grady & Associates
Case:J.M., Pro Ami v. Fallbrook Union High School District
No. 1 in: *Drowning Accident
Attorneys:Kaveh S. Elihu, Rhett T. Francisco, Christopher J. DeClue of Employee Justice Legal Group PC
Case:Argueta v. North Ranch Bodycraft & Glass Inc.
No. 1 in: *Age Discrimination
Attorneys:Krystale Rosal of Law Offices of Mauro Fiore Jr.
Case:Ontiveros v. Pawesome LLC
No. 1 in: *Dog Bite, Animal Attack
Attorneys:James J. Perkins, Brittany A. Auchard of Colman Perkins Law Group
Case:Safeco Ins. Co. v. Ekimyan
No. 1 in: *Insurance Fraud
Attorneys:Steven P. Goldberg of Goldberg & Gille
Case:Nieman v. Fineman, et al.
No. 1 in: *Surgical Error, Neurosurgery Malpractice
Attorneys:Frances M. Campbell, Nima Farahani, Alexander G. Boone of Campbell & Farahani LLP
Case:Contratto v. Latsko
No. 1 in: *Landlord-Tenant, Wrongful Eviction
Attorneys:Edward Y. Lee, Angela Lee of Law Offices of Edward Y. Lee
Case:Lee v. Strikezon USA Inc.
No. 1 in: *Workers' Compensation
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