Top 10 Class Action Settlements in the United States in 2020

Top 10 Class Action Settlements in the United States in 2020We are pleased to present to you the list of the top 10 class action settlements obtained in the United States in the year 2020. The list is comprised of cases filed either in a state or federal court, as well as those settled prior to commencing a lawsuit.

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Attorneys:James B. Zouras, Ryan F. Stephan, Teresa M. Becvar of Stephan Zouras L.L.P.
Case:Fries v. Residential Home Health, LLC, et al.
Type:Class Action, Unpaid Wages, Wage & Hour Violation, Labor & Employment, Intentional Tort
Attorneys:Steve W. Berman, Shelby R. Smith, Whitney Siehl, Christopher R. Pitoun of Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP; Annika K. Martin, Evan J. Ballan, Jonathan D. Selbin of Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein LLP; Daniel C. Girard, Jordan Elias, Elizabeth A. Kramer of Girard Sharp LLP; Joseph G. Sauder, Matthew D. Schelkopf, Lori G. Kier of Sauder Schelkopf LLC
Case:In re: USC Student Health Center Litigation
Type:Class Action, Failure to Warn, Negligent Supervision, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, Intentional Tort, Negligent Hiring, Emotional Distress, Failure to Train, Negligent Tort, Sexual Battery
Attorneys:James M. Sitkin of Law Offices of James M. Sitkin; Joshua G. Konecky, Leslie Joyner of Schneider Wallace Cottrell Konecky Wotkyns LLP
Case:Helmick v. Air Methods Corp.
Type:Class Action, Retaliation, Unfair Competition, Unpaid Wages, Wage & Hour Violation, Labor & Employment, Intentional Tort
Attorneys:Stuart Cochran, Bruce Steckler of Gresham Cochran PLLC; Matt Armstrong of Armstrong Law Firm LLC; David C. Nelson of Nelson & Nelson; Scott Bursor of Bursor & Fisher P.A.
Case:Hansen-Mitchell, et al. v. Welspun USA, Inc., et al.
Type:Class Action, Consumer Fraud, False Advertising, Unfair Business Practices, Intentional Tort
Attorneys:Roosevelt N. Nesmith of Law Office of Roosevelt N. Nesmith L.L.C.; Richard E. Quintilone II of Quintilone & Associates, Lake Forest, CA; David Markham of The Markham Law Firm; Catherine E. Anderson of Giskan Solotaroff & Anderson L.L.P.
Case:Merino v. Wells Fargo & Co., et al.
Type:Class Action, Unpaid Wages, Wage & Hour Violation, Labor & Employment, Intentional Tort
State:New Jersey
Attorneys:Joseph G. Sauder, Matthew D. Schelkopf, Joseph B. Kenney of Sauder Schelkopf LLC; James P. Ulwick of Kramon & Graham, P.A.
Case:Jackson, et al. v. Viking Group Inc.
Type:Class Action, Economic Loss, Product Liability, Property Damage, Defective Product, Strict Liability
Attorneys:David C. Parisi, Suzanne Havens Beckman of Parisi & Haven LLP; Grace E. Parasmo, Yitzchak H. Lieberman of Parasmo Lieberman Law
Case:King v. Bumble Trading Inc.
Type:Class Action, Deceptive Trade Practices, Unfair Competition, Unjust Enrichment, Consumer Protection, Intentional Tort
Attorneys:Steven A. Schwartz, Mark B. DeSanto, Samantha E. Holbrook of Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith L.L.P
Case:Mercer, et al. v. Aramark Corp.
Type:Breach of Contract, Class Action, Unjust Enrichment, Labor & Employment, Intentional Tort, Bad Faith, Unpaid Bonuses
Attorneys:Patrick M. Ryan, Phillip G. Whaley, Jason A. Ryan, Paula M. Jantzen of Ryan Whaley Coldiron Jantzen Peters & Webber P.L.L.C.; Robert N. Barnes, Patranell Lewis, Emily Nash Kitch of Barnes & Lewis L.L.P.; Michael Burrage of Whitten Burrage; Lawrence R. Murphy Jr. of Smolen Law P.L.L.C.
Case:Chieftain Royalty Co. v. Newfield Exploration Mid-Continent
Type:Class Action, Fraud, Intentional Tort, Constructive Fraud
Attorneys:David N. Rosen, Barbara Goren, Alexander Taubes of David Rosen & Associates P.C.; Michael O. Sheehan of Sheehan, Reeve, & Near
Case:Noble, et al. v. Northland Investment Corp., et al.
Type:Breach of Contract, Class Action, Deceptive Trade Practices, Breach of Warranty of Habitability, Landlord-Tenant, Failure to Maintain, Emotional Distress, Negligent Tort
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