Top 20 Verdicts in Nevada in 2016

Top 20 Verdicts in Nevada in 2016We are pleased to present to you the list of top 20 plaintiff and cross-claimant jury verdicts obtained in the State of Nevada in the year 2016. The list is comprised of various case types that were tried either in state or federal courts.

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Amount: $38,300,000.00
Attorneys: Robert D. Mitchell, Sarah K. Deutsch of Tiffany & Bosco P.A
Case: Cohen v. Hansen
Type: Defamation
Amount: $16,430,000.00
Attorneys: Sean K. Claggett, Samuel A. Harding, Matthew S. Granda of Claggett & Sykes Law Firm; Al Lasso of Lasso Injury Law LLC
Case: Hendrickson v. Lowe's Home Centers L.L.C.
Type: Personal Injury; Slip and Fall; Premises Liability
Amount: $15,000,000.00
Attorneys: Benjamin P. Cloward, Alison Brasier of Cloward, Hicks & Brasier; Charles Allen of Charles Allen Law Firm
Case: Estate of Chernikoff v. First Transit Inc., et al.
Type: Wrongful Death; Negligent Supervision
Amount: $14,518,607.00
Attorneys: Lawrence J. Smith of Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith; Dennis M. Prince of Keating Law Group PC; David A. Cutt, Jacquelynn D. Carmichael of Eisenberg Gilchrist & Cutt; E. Robert Spear of Law Offices of Robert Spear
Case: M.H. Pro ami v. Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center, L.L.C., et al.
Type: Personal Injury; Delayed Diagnosis; Medical Malpractice
Amount: $12,955,014.00
Attorneys: Benjamin P. Cloward, Alison M. Brasier of Cloward, Hicks & Brasier, PLLC
Case: Estate of Konarski v. Ghani., et al.
Type: Wrongful Death; Car Accident
Amount: $6,695,536.00
Attorneys: Dennis M. Prince, Tracy A. Eglet, Danielle A. Tarmu of Eglet Prince; Garnet E. Beal of Keating Law Group PC
Case: Volungis v. Abdulla
Type: Personal Injury; Car Accident
Amount: $4,849,469.00
Attorneys: Lance A. Maningo of Bellon & Maningo, Ltd; Jeffrey A. Gogan of Jeffrey A. Gogan, Esq., Ltd.
Case: ATM of Las Vegas v. Jovaag
Type: Breach of Fiduciary Duty; Interference with Economic Advantage
Amount: $4,700,000.00
Attorneys: Gus W. Flangas, Jessica K. Peterson, John R. McMillan of Flangas Dalacas Law Group
Case: Council v. Gillespie Office & Sys. Furniture
Type: Libel; Defamation; I Economic Advantage
Amount: $3,977,300.00
Attorneys: Keith M. Fleischman, Joshua D. Glatter, Julia Sandler of Fleischman Law Firm; Wade B. Gochnour of Howard & Howard, PLLC; Brian C. McManus, Miriam L. Fisher of Latham & Watkins LLP
Case: Millennium Drilling Co Inc. v. Beverly House-Meyers, et al.
Type: Breach of Contract; Promissory Notes
Amount: $2,022,086.00
Attorneys: Gabriel A. Martinez, Thomas W. Askeroth of Greenman, Goldberg, Raby & Martinez; Kenneth R. Friedman, Roger Davidheiser of Friedman | Rubin
Case: Kohl v. Reed., et al.
Type: Personal Injury; Car Accident
Amount: $1,500,000.00
Attorneys: Joseph Y. Hong of Hong & Hong, APLC
Case: Hartman v. Silver Saddle Acquisition Corp.
Type: Fraud & Misrepresentation
Amount: $1,000,000.00
Attorneys: Lawrence J. Semenza, III, Christopher D. Kircher, Jarrod L. Rickard of Semenza Kircher Rickard; Kimmarie Sinatra, Stacie Michaels of Wynn Las Vegas L.L.C.
Case: Wynn Las Vegas L.L.C. v. LaBarbera
Type: Breach of Contract; Loans and Promissory Notes
Amount: $979,381.00
Attorneys: Robert E. Marshall of Law Office of Robert E. Marshall
Case: Green v. Reiger
Type: Personal Injury; Car Accident
Amount: $708,177.00
Attorneys: Phillip R. Emerson of Emerson Law Group; Jason F. Lather of Jason Awad & Associates
Case: Racoon Enters. v. Clark & Sullivan Constructors
Type: Interference with Economic Advantage; Fraud & Misrepresentation
15 (tie)
Amount: $650,000.00
Attorneys: Sean K. Claggett, William T. Sykes, Matthew S. Granda of Claggett & Sykes Law Firm; Boyd B. Moss, Marcus A. Berg of Moss Berg Injury Lawyers; G. Dallas Horton, David L. Thomas of G. Dallas Horton & Associates
Case: Stanley v. Klien
Type: Personal Injury; Car Accident
15 (tie)
Amount: $650,000.00
Attorneys: Gerald I. Gillock, John C. Funk of Gerald I. Gillock & Associates; April L. Becker, Jessica M. Goodey of Becker Goodey Ltd
Case: A.R., Pro ami v. Hillock, M.D., et al.
Type: Personal Injury; Delayed Treatment; Medical Malpractice
Amount: $489,989.00
Attorneys: Bradley J. Myers, Michael C. Kane, Genevieve Romand of The702Firm; David T. Wall, R. Todd Terry of Eglet Wall Christiansen
Case: Visuwan v. Circus Circus Casinos Inc.
Type: Personal Injury; Fall; Dangerous Condition; Premises Liability
Amount: $351,550.00
Attorneys: Andrew M. Leavitt of Law Office of Andrew M. Leavitt
Case: Cordova v. American Family Mutual Insurance Co.
Type: Personal Injury; Car Accident; Underinsured Motorist
Amount: $300,000.00
Attorneys: Bryan A. Boyack, A.J. Sharp of Richard Harris Law Firm
Case: Joseph v. Shuffle Master International, Inc.
Type: Personal Injury; Trip and Fall; Work Accident
Amount: $253,596.00
Attorneys: Geraldine Kirk-Hughes, Judith H. Braecklein of Kirk-Hughes & Associates
Case: Yahav v. Zabib
Type: Breach of Contract; Fraudulent Misrepresentation; Fraudulent Conversion; Unjust Enrichment
Amount: $210,000.00
Attorneys: Brian D. Nettles, Christian M. Morris of Nettles Law Firm; Ingrid M. Patin, Lloyd W. Baker of Lloyd Baker Injury Attorneys
Case: Nappa v. Wynn Las Vegas LLC
Type: Personal Injury; Slip and Fall; Premises Liability
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