Top 20 Court Awards in Texas in 2015

Top 20 Court Awards in Texas in 2015We are pleased to present to you the list of top 20 court (bench) awards obtained in Texas in the year 2015. The list is comprised of various case types that were filed either in state or federal courts.

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Amount: $45,984,383.00
Attorneys: Steven D. Roberts of Roberts Law Firm
Case: Kearns v. Day
Type: Fraud
Amount: $13,849,950.00
Attorneys: Lloyd E. Kelley of Lloyd E. Kelley & Associates
Case: Metro Hospitality Mgmt. L.L.C. v. Sharifan
Type: Negligent Misrepresentation
Amount: $7,392,014.00
Attorneys: James R. Watkins of Royston, Rayzor, Vickery & Williams, LLP
Case: Profit Shipping v. M/V Imperial Spirit
Type: Property Damage; Watercraft Accident
Amount: $6,504,500.00
Attorneys: Brian S. Humphrey II, Muhammad S. Aziz of Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Sorrels, Agosto & Aziz
Case: Estate of Leroy v. Darwin Macon Enterprises Inc. D/B/A Darwin's Place, et al.
Type: Wrongful Death; Car Accident
Amount: $2,838,300.00
Attorneys: Lance A. Pool, Lawrence J. Friedman, James S. Bell, Jason H. Friedman of Friedman & Feiger L.L.P.
Case: Nanak Trust v. Davis
Type: Fraud; Conspiracy
Amount: $2,707,634.00
Attorneys: David J. Coates, Lori A. Hood of Johnson, Trent, West & Taylor, L.L.P.; Jennifer L. Therrien, Kevin F. Hormuth, Matthew D. Menghini of Greensfelder, Hemker & Gale
Case: Commercial Coating Sys. Int'l v. Field Pipe Sys.
Type: Breach of Contract
Amount: $2,500,000.00
Attorneys: Jacob L. McBride, Russell W. Mills of Hiersche, Hayward, Drakeley & Urbach P.C
Case: Distribution Int'l v. Synflex Insulation
Type: Negligent Misrepresentation; Breach of Contract
Amount: $2,222,322.00
Attorneys: Evan A. Moeller of Hirsch & Westheimer P.C.
Case: Health Care Strategies Inc. v. MCare Solutions Inc.
Type: Breach of Contract
Amount: $1,892,324.00
Attorneys: R. Lyn Stevens of Stevens Baldo & Lighty PLLC; Austin W. Anderson of Phipps Anderson Deacon L.L.P.
Case: Malvino v. Delluniversita
Type: Fraud; Negligent Misrepresentation
Amount: $1,599,839.00
Attorneys: Andrew P. McCormick, Laurie A. Munoz of Lanza Law Firm, PC
Case: 5803 Richmond v. Hasan
Type: Breach of Contract; Landlord/Tenant
Amount: $1,569,058.00
Attorneys: Josh N. Bowlin, Shannon A.S. Quadros of Chamberlain, Hrdlicka, White, Williams & Aughtry
Case: Levco Construction Inc. v. Cleveland Construction Inc.
Type: Breach of Contract; Fraud
Amount: $1,362,419.00
Attorneys: Donald S. Worley, John W. Ghezzi of McDonald Worley P.C.
Case: Barragan v. Coronado, Pool Plastering
Type: Personal Injury; Work Accident; Premises Liability
Amount: $1,322,650.00
Attorneys: Stephen M. Schultz of The Schultz Law Firm PC
Case: Hemmasi v. Gilmore
Type: Breach of Contract
Amount: $1,302,296.00
Attorneys: Robin E. McIlhenny of Robin E. McIlhenny
Case: Rickles v. Romano
Type: Personal Injury; Dog Bite
Amount: $1,293,729.00
Attorneys: David A. Walton of Parsons McEntire McCleary & Clark PLLC; Craig A. Taggart, Jason H. Anderson, Stephen L. Ram of Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth, PC
Case: Dallas/Fort Worth Int'l Airport Bd. v. INET Airport Sys.
Type: Breach of Contract
Amount: $1,128,679.00
Attorneys: Buffey E. Klein of Husch Blackwell L.L.P.
Case: HTA Med. Portfolio 2 v. Bartel, M.D.
Type: Breach of Warranty; Fraudulent Transfer
Amount: $1,042,031.00
Attorneys: Brian A. Colao, Christine A. Nowak of Dykema Gossett; Bina B. Palnitkar of Greenberg Traurig, LLP
Case: Austin Mfg. Servs. v. Assistant Pro Inc.
Type: Breach of Contract
Amount: $1,026,562.00
Attorneys: Edward J. Koehl Jr., Rebecca L. Clausen, Robert T. Lemon of Jones Walker Waechter Poitevent Carrere & Denegre LLP
Case: Dunn v. Admiralty Marine & Structural Eng'g Inc.
Type: Breach of Contract
Amount: $1,024,500.00
Attorneys: Brian McGrath, Robert S. McGrath of McGrath & McGrath PLLC
Case: Dao v. Avila
Type: Property Damage; Breach of Contract
Amount: $1,013,476.00
Attorneys: Coby L. Wooten of Coby L. Wooten, Attorney at Law, PC
Case: RadioShack Corp. v. High Definition Logistics L.L.C.
Type: Negligent Hiring & Supervision; Breach of Contract
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