Top 100 Verdicts in California in 2014

Top 100 Verdicts in California in 2014We are pleased to present to you the list of top 100 plaintiff's jury verdicts obtained in California in the year 2014. The list is comprised of various case types that were tried either in state or federal courts.

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Amount: $283,000,000.00
Attorneys: Adam B. Wolfson, Amy H. Candido, Charles Verhoeven, Sean S. Pak, Vincent M. Pollmeier, Yury Kapgan of Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP
Case: ViaSat Inc. v. Space Systems/Loral, Inc.
Type: Intellectual Property Infringement
Amount: $185,872,720.00
Attorneys: Lawrance A. Bohm of Bohm Law Group; Charles Moore of Charles Moore
Case: Juarez v. AutoZone Stores Inc.
Type: Negligence in Employment
Amount: $131,216,325.00
Attorneys: Daniel Grunfeld, Daniel Johnson, Michael Lyons of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius
Case: Alfred E. Mann Foundation For Scientific Research v. Cochlear Corp.
Type: Intellectual Property Infringement
Amount: $128,600,000.00
Attorneys: C. Russell Georgeson, Christopher B. Noyes of Georgeson, Belardinelli & Noyes; Phillip Baker of Baker, Keener & Nahra, LLP
Case: Grow Land & Water LLC v. McCarthy Family Farms Inc.
Type: Breach of Contract
Amount: $119,625,000.00
Attorneys: Harold McElhinny of Morrison & Foerster; William Lee of Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP
Case: Apple Inc. v. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Type: Intellectual Property Infringement
Amount: $111,081,833.00
Attorneys: David Semelsberger, James Allen of Endeman, Lincoln, Turek & Heater LLP
Case: Andrade v. MHC Operating L.P.
Type: Breach of Contract
Amount: $105,000,000.00
Attorneys: Frank Scherkenbach, Howard Pollack, Michael R. Headley of Fish & Richardson PC
Case: Power Integrations Inc. v. Fairchild Semiconductor International Inc.
Type: Intellectual Property Infringement
Amount: $70,861,113.00
Attorneys: Gilbert Purcell, Heather Ann T. Young, Jennifer Alesio of Brayton Purcell, LLP
Case: Whalen v. John Crane Inc.
Type: Personal Injury; Asbestos Exposure
Amount: $57,947,402.00
Attorneys: Darren Pirozzi, Gregory Rizio of Rizio & Nelson
Case: Herman v. Cardiel
Type: Personal Injury; Car Accident
Amount: $47,900,000.00
Attorneys: Benjamin D. Scheibe, Peter Ross of Browne George Ross LLP
Case: OrthoTec LLC v. Surgiview S.A.S.
Type: Breach of Contract
Amount: $39,600,000.00
Attorneys: Aimee M. Housinger, Jennifer Tomsen, Laura Gleen, Mary-Olga Lovett, Pamela A. Ferguson, Stephen Paffrath of Greenberg Traurig, LLP
Case: Patriot Rail Corp. v. Sierra Railroad Co.
Type: Breach of Contract
Amount: $38,914,610.00
Attorneys: Justin Karczag, Peter J. Bezek, Robert Curtis of Foley Bezek Behle & Curtis, LLP
Case: F&F LLC v. East West Bank
Type: Breach of Contract
Amount: $30,000,000.00
Attorneys: Keith Wesley, Peter Ross of Browne George Ross LLP; K. Andrew Kent of Rincon Venture Law Group
Case: Neurovision Medical Products Inc. v. NuVasive Inc.
Type: Intellectual Property Infringement
Amount: $28,500,000.00
Attorneys: Allen Ruby, David Hansen, James P. Schaefer of Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP
Case: SanDisk Corp. v. PNY Technologies Inc.
Type: Breach of Contract
Amount: $26,255,367.00
Attorneys: Nicole Lari-Loni, Torsten Bassell of Lari-Joni & Bassell, LLP; Korosh Torkzadeh, Reza Torkzadeh of The Torkzadeh Law Firm
Case: Hedayati v. Vanwyk
Type: Personal Injury; Car Accident
Amount: $26,107,328.00
Attorneys: Carney Shegerian of Shegerian & Associates, Inc.; James Urbanic of Urbanic & Associates
Case: Nickel v. Staples Contract & Commercial Inc.
Type: Negligence in Employment
Amount: $23,531,335.00
Attorneys: Dennis Schoville of Dennis A. Schoville, APC; Brett J. Schreiber, Vincent Bartolotta of Thorsnes Bartolotta McGuire; Richard Bisetti of Magana, Cathcart & McCarthy; Juan J. Ordaz, Jr., of Ordaz Law, APC
Case: Aguilar v. Tricor America Inc.
Type: Personal Injury; Car Accident
Amount: $23,494,776.00
Attorneys: Joseph Girard of Law Offices of Joseph C. Girard
Case: Haworth v. Bouzaglou
Type: Fraud
Amount: $19,786,818.00
Attorneys: Kevin R. Boyle, Rahul Ravipudi, Robert Glassman of Panish Shea & Boyle LLP
Case: Diao v. Southern California Gas Co.
Type: Premises Liability
Amount: $18,700,000.00
Attorneys: Joseph A. Piasta, II, of O'Brien Watters & Davis, LLP
Case: Cardoza v. Reed
Type: Fraud
Amount: $18,681,052.49
Attorneys: B. Robert Allard, Lauren A. Cerri of Corsiglia McMahon & Allard, LLP; Brendan Way, Randall H. Scarlett of Scarlett Law Group
Case: Jones v. Williams
Type: Personal Injury; Car Accident
Amount: $18,572,941.77
Attorneys: Geraldine Weiss, Michael J. Piuze of Michael J. Piuze
Case: Haynes v. Pak
Type: Car Accident
Amount: $17,914,238.00
Attorneys: Christopher T. Aumais, David Lira, Thomas V. Girardi of Girardi | Keese
Case: Stow v. Los Angeles Dodgers, LLC
Type: Premises Liability
Amount: $17,736,700.00
Attorneys: Gilbert Purcell, Jason M. Rose of Brayton Purcell, LLP
Case: Major v. Lorillard Tobacco Co.
Type: Product Liability
Amount: $16,493,943.00
Attorneys: Lesley E. Weaver, Robert S. Green of Green & Noblin, P.C.; Enrico Schaefer of Traverse Legal, PLC
Case: Doe v.
Type: Consumer Fraud
Amount: $15,313,703.00
Attorneys: Brian J. Panish, Patrick K. Gunning, Spencer R. Lucas of Panish Shea & Boyle LLP; Ivan W. Golde of Ivan W. Golde
Case: Francisco v. Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District
Type: Car Accident
Amount: $14,271,000.00
Attorneys: Timothy M. Osborn of Law Office of Timothy M. Osborn, PC; John C. Hall of Law Offices of John C. Hall
Case: Escalera v. Live Oak Cogen, LLC
Type: Premises Liability
Amount: $12,569,853.66
Attorneys: Andrew B. Kreeft, Robert E. Rosenthal of Bohnen, Rosenthal & Kreeft
Case: Hill v. Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc.
Type: Product Liability
Amount: $12,304,368.00
Attorneys: Alyssa K. Schabloski, Matthew S. McNicholas of McNicholas & McNicholas LLP
Case: Atkins v. City of Los Angeles
Type: Wrongful Termination; Disability Discrimination
Amount: $12,100,000.00
Attorneys: Eustace de Saint Phalle, Michael E. Gatto of Rains Lucia Stern, PC
Case: Cuevas v. Contra Costa County Health Services
Type: Medical Malpractice
Amount: $11,200,000.00
Attorneys: Christopher S. Walton, Philip Layfield of Layfield & Barrett
Case: Element Capital LLC v. Maximum Business Innovations Inc.
Type: Fraud
Amount: $11,000,000.00
Attorneys: David M. McClain of Kazan, McClain, Satterly & Greenwood
Case: Bankhead v. ArvinMeritor Inc.
Type: Wrongful Termination; Asbestos Exposure
Amount: $10,450,000.00
Attorneys: Brian J. Panish, David Rudorfer, Deborah S. Chang of Panish Shea & Boyle LLP; Daniel J. Rafii of Rafii & Nazarian, LLP; Reza Mirroknian of The Mirroknian Law Firm, PC
Case: Villamariona v. CBS
Type: Wrongful Death; Car Accident; Workplace Negligence
Amount: $9,281,348.23
Attorneys: Mark B. O'Connor, Michael M. Shea, Jr., of Shea & Shea
Case: O’Donnell v. Conway Inc.
Type: Car Accident
Amount: $7,978,185.44
Attorneys: Arnie E. Goldstein, Joy Robertson of Goldstein, Gurbuz & Robertson; Howard A. Kapp of Law Offices of Howard A. Kapp
Case: Markow v. Rosner
Type: Medical Malpractice
Amount: $7,810,000.00
Attorneys: Dale K. Galipo of Law Offices of Dale K. Galipo; Vicki I. Sarmiento of Law Offices of Vicki I. Sarmiento
Case: Howard v. County of Riverside
Type: Excessive Force; Government Negligence
Amount: $7,500,000.00
Attorneys: Brian J. Panish, Deborah S. Chang of Panish Shea & Boyle LLP
Case: Nancy Kashergen Rennie v. FedEx, et al.
Type: Wrongful Death; Car Accident
Amount: $7,476,926.00
Attorneys: Alan M. Laskin of Law Offices of Alan M. Laskin; John T. Stralen of Law Offices of John T. Stralen
Case: Dunlap v. Esurance
Type: Car Accident
Amount: $7,400,000.00
Attorneys: Richard E. Donahoo of Donahoo & Associates
Case: Hernandez v. Parra
Type: Car Accident
Amount: $6,709,300.00
Attorneys: C. Michael Alder, Laura F. Sedrish, Philip C. Alexander of AlderLaw, P.C.; Ryan D. Harris of Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc.
Case: Rittger v. Cliffs Resort, LLC
Type: Car Accident
Amount: $6,500,000.00
Attorneys: Stephen J. Estey of Estey & Bomberger, LLP; James M. Brown of Law Offices of James Matthew Brown, APLC
Case: Doe v. Pacific Health Systems
Type: Workplace Negligence
Amount: $6,000,000.00
Attorneys: David M. deRubertis of The deRubertis Law Firm, APC; Mindy J. Lees of Law Office of Mindy J. Lees PC; Martin I. Aarons of The Aarons Law Firm, PC
Case: Zulfer v. Playboy Enterprises Inc.
Type: Qui Tam; Fraud
Amount: $5,741,910.78
Attorneys: Bruce L. Schechter, Maro Burunsuzyan of Law Offices of Maro Burunsuzyan, PLC
Case: Campbell v. NFI Interactive Logistics LLC
Type: Car Accident
Amount: $5,653,604.00
Attorneys: Christopher H. Whelan of Law Offices of Christopher H. Whelan, Inc.; Lucas C. Whelan of Whelan Law Group; David M. deRubertis of The deRubertis Law Firm, APC
Case: Sallustio v. Kemper Independence Insurance Co.
Type: Wrongful Termination; Defamation
Amount: $5,420,000.00
Attorneys: James W. Lewis, John C. Taylor of Taylor & Ring LLP
Case: Janice H. v. 696 North Robertson
Type: Premises Liability
Amount: $4,383,682.00
Attorneys: J. Kevin Morrison, Steger P. Johnson of Jones Clifford, LLP; Geraldine Armendariz of Law Office of Geraldine Armendariz
Case: Marquez v. PG&E
Type: Premises Liability
Amount: $4,335,000.00
Attorneys: Kitty K. Szeto of R. Rex Parris Law Firm; Kevin I. Shenkman of Shenkman & Hughes
Case: Wilkinson v. Halo Resorts
Type: Fraud
Amount: $4,010,000.00
Attorneys: Tyrone J. Maho of Maho Prentice, LLP; Steven R. Vartazarian of The Vartazarian Law Firm, APC
Case: Taylor v. Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center
Type: Medical Malpractice
Amount: $3,895,220.00
Attorneys: Joseph W. Carcione Jr, Joshua S. Markowitz of Law Offices of Carcione, Cattermole, Dolinski, Stucky, Markowitz & Carcione, LLP
Case: Murdoch v. Brock Solutions
Type: Personal Injury; Construction Accident; Workplace Safety
Amount: $3,836,250.00
Attorneys: Clare H. Lucich, Gregory L. Bentley of Shernoff Bidart Echeverria Bentley LLP; Keith P. More of Berman More Gonzalez
Case: Zavala v. Newport-Mesa Unified School District
Type: Personal Injury; School Safety
Amount: $3,827,182.12
Attorneys: Conal Doyle of Doyle Law; Jeffrey Wolf of Heimanson & Wolf, LLP
Case: Didone v. Jack in the Box Inc.
Type: Premises Liability
Amount: $3,708,688.60
Attorneys: Arash Homampour of The Homampour Law Firm, APLC; Demetrios Papanikolas, Raymond J. Zolekhian of Hanasab & Zolekhian, LLP
Case: Johnson v. Willow Oaks Park, LLC
Type: Premises Liability
Amount: $3,695,978.59
Attorneys: Hank G. Greenblatt, Jason J. Sigel of Dreyer Babich Buccola Wood Campora, LLP
Case: Frisk v. Cowan
Type: Car Accident
Amount: $3,540,000.00
Attorneys: Andrew J. Spielberger, Daniel K. Balaban of Balaban & Spielberger, LLP; Browne Greene, Ivan Puchalt of Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP
Case: Gutierrez v. Grain Millers Inc.
Type: Car Accident
Amount: $3,508,383.00
Attorneys: Anthony S. Petru of Hildebrand, McLeod & Nelson, Inc.
Case: Estrada v. BNSF Railway Company
Type: Premises Liability
Amount: $3,500,000.00
Attorneys: Bill Robins, III, Hector G. Longoria of Heard, Robins, Cloud & Black LLP; Gary S. Mann of The Mann Law Firm
Case: Bankhead v. ArvinMeritor Inc.
Type: Wrongful Death; Asbestos Exposure
Amount: $3,292,183.00
Attorneys: Clare H. Lucich, Ricardo Echeverria of Shernoff Bidart Echeverria Bentley LLP; Scott D. Howry of Young Wooldridge, LLP
Case: Rojas v. HFS Enterprises Inc.
Type: Car Accident
Amount: $3,200,000.00
Attorneys: Roger A. Dreyer of Dreyer Babich Buccola Wood Campora, LLP
Case: Gonzales v. City of Atwater
Type: Car Accident
Amount: $3,200,000.00
Attorneys: Christopher B. Dolan, Drew M. Sanchez, Quinton B. Cutlip of Dolan Law PC
Case: Bhadauria v. Luxor Cab Co.
Type: Car Accident
Amount: $3,169,779.75
Attorneys: Patricia A. Law of Law Offices of Patricia A. Law
Case: Schultz v. Martinez
Type: Medical Malpractice
Amount: $3,102,463.62
Attorneys: David Rudorfer, Rahul Ravipudi of Panish Shea & Boyle LLP
Case: Gamage v. Roitblat
Type: Car Accident
Amount: $3,000,000.00
Attorneys: Christopher S. Morris of Morris Law Firm, APC
Case: Sisson v. County of San Diego
Type: Wrongful Death; Government Negligence
Amount: $2,780,000.00
Attorneys: Randall C. Rechs of Law Offices of Randall C. Rechs
Case: Doe v. San Diego
Type: Intentional Tort
Amount: $2,425,000.00
Attorneys: Cleidin Z. Atanous of The Law Office of Cleidin Z. Atanous
Case: Boss v. Khalil
Type: Car Accident
Amount: $2,164,000.00
Attorneys: Charles Moore of Simpson & Moore LLP; Daniel M. Gilleon, James C. Mitchell of The Gilleon Law Firm
Case: Bryant v. San Diego Gas & Electric Co
Type: Wrongful Termination
Amount: $2,121,863.00
Attorneys: Josef Avesar of The Law Offices of Josef Avesar
Case: Garcia v. Estate of Gabrielyan
Type: Car Accident
Amount: $2,059,708.00
Attorneys: Jill P. Telfer of Law Offices of Jill P. Telfer
Case: Trulsson v. County of San Joaquin
Type: Gender Discrimination
Amount: $1,950,000.00
Attorneys: Paul L. Kranz of Law Offices of Paul L. Kranz; Daniel M. Siegel of Siegel & Yee
Case: Tsedendorj v. Yevtushenko
Type: Personal Injury; Construction Accident; Workplace Safety
Amount: $1,871,406.19
Attorneys: Pete Clancy of Clancy & Diaz, LLP; Sanford M. Cipinko of The Law Offices of Sanford M. Cipinko
Case: Sabah v. URS
Type: Car Accident
Amount: $1,803,169.71
Attorneys: Brandon J. Simon, Robert T. Simon of The Simon Law Group, LLP
Case: Snegg v. De La Rosa
Type: Car Accident
Amount: $1,725,000.00
Attorneys: Daniel J. Rafii of Rafii & Nazarian, LLP; Reza Mirroknian of The Mirroknian Law Firm, PC
Case: Murillo v. Knights Inn
Type: Personal Injury; Slip and Fall; Premises Liability
Amount: $1,700,000.00
Attorneys: Jeffrey M. Fisher of Farella Braun + Martel LLP; Joseph J. LoBue of Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP; James W. Dabney of Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP
Case: France Telecom S.A. v. Marvell Semiconductor Inc.
Type: Intellectual Property Infringement
Amount: $1,666,050.00
Attorneys: Ben Coughlan, John H. Gomez of Gomez Trial Attorneys
Case: Janis v. Wade
Type: Car Accident
Amount: $1,583,844.00
Attorneys: Patricio T. Barrera of Barrera & Associates
Case: Abyane v. County of Los Angeles
Type: Wrongful Termination
Amount: $1,539,118.49
Attorneys: Robert A. Sheinbein of Law Offices of Robert A. Sheinbein
Case: Garabedian v. Silverman
Type: Car Accident
Amount: $1,508,000.00
Attorneys: Robert T. Simon of The Simon Law Group, LLP; Michael Ghozland of Ghozland Law Firm
Case: Altamar v. Flores
Type: Premises Liability
Amount: $1,500,002.00
Attorneys: Vida M. Holguin of Law Office of Vida M. Holguin; V. James DeSimone of Schonbrun Seplow Harris & Hoffman, LLP; Lawrance A. Bohm of Bohm Law Group
Case: Roozrokh v. Faculty Medical Group of Loma Linda University School of Medicine
Type: Intentional Tort
Amount: $1,494,574.00
Attorneys: Ralph B. Wegis of Law Office of Ralph B. Wegis
Case: Doe v. Kern High School District
Type: Personal Injury; School Safety
Amount: $1,377,112.20
Attorneys: Robert A. Odell and Tamara Freeze of Workplace Justice Advocates, PLC
Case: Mayo v. The Community Development Commission of Los Angeles
Type: Wrongful Termination; Retaliation
Amount: $1,358,746.36
Attorneys: Craig A. Edmonston of Law Offices of Craig A. Edmonston; Timothy J. Lemucchi of Law Offices of Timothy J. Lemucchi
Case: Berry v. Owens
Type: Car Accident
Amount: $1,303,000.00
Attorneys: Robert Hamparyan of Law Offices Of Robert Hamparyan; Andres Vargas of Phillips & Pelly
Case: Heath v. Romero
Type: Car Accident
Amount: $1,300,000.00
Attorneys: Arash Homampour of The Homampour Law Firm, APLC; Kelly A. Knight of Law Offices of Kelly A. Knight
Case: Kuwahara v. Asahi Gakuen
Type: Gender Discrimination
Amount: $1,257,423.00
Attorneys: Paul R. Kiesel, Steven D. Archer of Kiesel Law LLP
Case: Galapir v. City of Carson
Type: Car Accident
Amount: $1,249,513.00
Attorneys: Kristoffer S. Mayfield, Victor A. Russo of Hildebrand, McLeod & Nelson, Inc.
Case: Gray v. Union Pacific Railroad Co.
Type: Civil Rights Violation
Amount: $1,203,000.00
Attorneys: Dominique N. Thieu of Thieu Virtual Law Group
Case: Tu Thien The Inc. v. Tu Thien Telecom Inc.
Type: Intellectual Property Infringement
Amount: $1,200,000.00
Attorneys: Catherine J. Roland, Douglas N. Silverstein of Kesluk, Silverstein & Jacob
Case: Azzolin v. San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department
Type: Disability Discrimination
Amount: $1,168,165.00
Attorneys: Jeffrey A. Rager of The Rager Law Firm; John A. Girardi of Girardi | Keese
Case: Jordan v. City of Long Beach
Type: Wrongful Termination
Amount: $1,133,167.00
Attorneys: Mike F. O'Brien of Law Offices of Mike F. O'Brien
Case: Harris v. Raftogianis
Type: Car Accident
Amount: $1,120,773.00
Attorneys: Charles E. Koro of Brown, Koro & Romag, LLP
Case: Cornejo v. Williams
Type: Car Accident
Amount: $1,100,007.33
Attorneys: Steven J. Brady of Brady Law Group
Case: Dent v. Marin Cleaners
Type: Car Accident
Amount: $1,035,000.00
Attorneys: M. Greg Mullanax of The Law Office of M. Greg Mullanax
Case: Nou v. Children’s Hospital Central California
Type: Wrongful Termination; Defamation
Amount: $1,020,000.00
Attorneys: Gary Dordick of Law Offices of Gary A. Dordick; Jeffrey S. Dawson of The Law office of Jeffrey S. Dawson
Case: Waikle v. Dang
Type: Car Accident
Amount: $1,010,014.00
Attorneys: Edward J. Babbitt of Law Office of Edward J. Babbitt, APC; Patrick J. Barry of Law Offices of Patrick J. Barry
Case: Hurd v. Skanska USA Civil Inc.
Type: Car Accident
Amount: $1,000,000.00
Attorneys: Dale K. Galipo of Law Offices of Dale K. Galipo; Armen M. Tashjian of Law Offices of Armen M. Tashjian
Case: Munoz v. County of Riverside
Type: Government Negligence
Amount: $1,000,000.00
Attorneys: Kirk B. Freeman, Matthew A. Mallet of Law Offices of Kirk B. Freeman
Case: Melody Jo Samuelson v. California Department of Mental Health
Type: Wrongful Termination
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