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Case: Hampton v. Allis-Chalmers Corp. Product Liability Trust
Case Type: Personal Injury; Product Liability
Attorneys: David Jagolinzer
Lists: Top 100 Verdicts in the United States in 2014
Case: Batchelor v. American Optical Corp., et al.
Case Type: Personal Injury; Asbestos Exposure; Premises Liability
Attorneys: Juan P. Bauta, II, Gabriel S. Saade
Lists: Top 50 Verdicts in Florida in 2016
Case: Estate of Britt v. Northrop Grumman Systems Corp.
Case Type: Wrongful Death; Asbestos Exposure; Product Liability
Attorneys: Janpaul Portal, Juan P. Bauta, II
Lists: Top 50 Verdicts in Florida in 2016