Frequently Asked Questions

What type of electronic badges do you offer?

We currently offer two types of badges: one for the firm and the other for the individual attorneys. See the permitted mediums and forms of use of the electronic and physical accolades issued by Top Verdict.

Do you offer plaques as well?

Yes, there is a physical plaque offered for every published list / recognition. We offer plaques of different sizes and color combinations to individual attorneys, co-counsel, as well as firms.

What format do the badges arrive in?

Your badges will be emailed to you as a large, high-resolution PNG file with a transparent background. A vector file option is also available.

Do Top Verdict badges come with a perpetual license?

Yes, they do. You pay for our badges once (no recurring fees) and receive a permanent license to use them.

What payment options do you provide?

A payment to Top Verdict can be submitted by credit card, check, PayPal, or other types of electronic payments.

How soon after a payment is cleared will you deliver my badge or plaque?

In most cases, badges are emailed to you the same business day. However, we formally ask for two business days, to deliver a badge. Plaques are produced and delivered within two calendar weeks.

How do you compile Top Verdict lists?

Top Verdict lists are generated based on extensive research performed by our team. Sources include court records, direct reports by attorneys, and major legal publications.

How is recognition by Top Verdict different from that by other publications?

Firstly, unlike other publications, Top Verdict recognizes attorneys and law firms based on historic facts and not on the opinion of others - whether that of peers or a panel of experts. We do not select attorneys; we recognize their specific, factual achievement(s).

Secondly, Top Verdict lists are limited to top 10, 20, 40, 50, or 100 places each, where a place can sometimes be shared by two or more ties (verdicts or settlements with the same monetary result). This means that our lists recognize the narrowest circle of achievers in the legal industry, while other publications may select thousands of lawyers at a time.

Thirdly, most attorneys/law firms would make a Top Verdict list only once in their history, while only around 3% of attorneys/law firms make the same list two years in a row. Other publications, however, select thousands of same nominees year after year.

Why Top Verdict's electronic badges and plaques are more valuable than any other legal accolades out there?

Unlike our products, most other accolades available to attorneys today are offered based on a secret, complex methodology, used by a panel of reviewers, to nominate candidates in one way or another.

In contrast, our methodology is transparent and quite simple. We DO NOT review, rate, rank, recommend, or nominate attorneys in any way, including based on their professional abilities. We simply publish their case results (verdicts, settlements, or bench awards), together with other attorneys’ case results; group them together, based on the year of the results, geographic region, and case type; and sort those results in the descending order of their monetary values. Such process results in an unbiased, strictly numerical list of financial results obtained by the attorneys, on behalf of their clients.

If you look at your law firm’s website’s visitor behavior stats you may see that the verdicts and settlements page – providing you have one – is one of the most visited spots on the website. This means that your potential clients care more about the financial results you can potentially achieve for them, than what other lawyers think of you.

Hence, if they know you have won not just a high verdict, but one of the highest verdicts in the entire Nation or State, then potential clients may prefer you above every other attorney/law firm that has also obtained high verdicts, but not high enough to make one of our lists.

Why are your accolades so expensive?

Top Verdict is a small for-profit organization, whose primary source of revenue is the sale of its accolades. We charge you nothing for the collection, research, analysis, or publication of your case results.

All these operations are very lengthy and costly. Yet they result in the production of the industry’s shortest lists, which, at that point, benefit only the recognized attorneys and law firms, who are in no way obligated to reward us for the advance work done, at no cost to them.

These upfront efforts on our end and attorneys’/law firms’ unwavering demand for more detailed and exclusive data yield an expensive to produce product, which makes economic sense only with the current pricing. Two main points to remember here: 1) most of the value of our products is in the exclusive research done to generate your recognition and, only then, in the unique beauty of our accolades; 2) we cannot offer mass-market prices, because we cater to a very small segment (recognized attorneys) of an already small market (attorneys/law firms).

We are extremely grateful to so many attorneys and law firms who understand and appreciate the value of our work and encourage us to continue our efforts by purchasing our accolades. If you appreciate the positive impact of our work on your practice, please tell us to never stop, by supporting us with your generosity.

Updated: 03/07/2024

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