Number 3 Settlements in Florida in 2017

Number 3 Settlements in Florida in 2017We are pleased to present to you the list of the third-largest practice area-specific settlements obtained in the State of Florida in the year 2017. The list is comprised of various case types that were filed either in state or federal courts, or were settled before/without commencement of a lawsuit.

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Important: While we strive to achieve maximum accuracy and completeness of our lists, we cannot guarantee either at 100%. If you believe another settlement should be on this list, please contact us today.

Attorneys: Sharan Nirmul, Richard A. Russo Jr., Jennifer L. Joost, Darren J. Check of Kessler Topaz Meltzer & Check, LLP; Joshua A. Katz, James D. Sallah, Jeffrey Cox of Sallah Astarita & Cox; Joseph E. White, Lester R. Hooker of Saxena White, P.A.
Case: In Re: Ocwen Financial Corporation Securities Litigation
No.1 in: Class Action, Fraud
Attorneys: Russell Deitch; Ian L. Barlow of Federal Trade Commission
Case: Federal Trade Commission v. Ramsey, et al.
No.1 in: Securities Fraud
Attorneys: Jeffrey L. Gordon, Fritz Gray, John T. Golding of Maney | Gordon | Zeller, P.A.
Case: Pelaez v. Conlon
No.1 in: Personal Injury
Attorneys: Benjamin C. Mizer of U.S. Department of Justice
Case: USA, et al. v. Covenant Hospice Inc.
No.1 in: False Claims Act
Attorneys: S. Kirk Ingebretsen, Eric J. Hobbs, Daniel E. Rohner, Richard G. Sander, Charles C. Eblen, Jason R. Scott of Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP
Case: ADT LLC v. Vivint Inc.
No.1 in: Misrepresentation
Attorneys: Sean B. Cronin, Michelle L. Davis of Cronin & Maxwell, P.L.
Case: Hollis v. The USA
No.1 in: Brain Injury
Attorneys: Pamela Jo Bondi of Attorney General of the State of Florida
Case: Office of Attorney General, et al. v. General Motors Co.
No.1 in: Consumer Protection
Attorneys: Sean B. Cronin, Michelle L. Davis, Gregory H. Maxwell of Cronin & Maxwell, P.L.; Michael V. Nakamura of Shulman Rogers Gandal Pordy & Ecker, P.A.
Case: Mochocki v. The USA
No.1 in: Medical Malpractice
Attorneys: Christopher L. Marlowe of The Haggard Law Firm PA
Case: McLemore v. Creative Choice Homes II, Ltd., et al.
No.1 in: Premises Liability
Attorneys: Carlos E. Verdecia of The Verdecia Law Firm, LLC; Araly Herrera, Hector J. Lombana of Gamba, Lombana & Herrera
Case: Rojas v. USA
No.1 in: Hospital Malpractice
Attorneys: Justin B. Shapiro, Thomas B. Scolaro of Leesfield Scolaro, P.A.
Case: Estate of Kim v. Fury Management, et al.
No.1 in: Motor Vehicle Accident
Attorneys: David Sampedro, Brett A. Panter of Panter, Panter & Sampedro, P.A.
Case: Infant Plaintiff v. Defendant Hospital
No.1 in: Birth Injury
Attorneys: Theodore J. Leopold, Wallace B. McCall, Stephan A. Le Clainche of Cohen, Milstein, Sellers & Toll PLLC
Case: Estate of Adams v. Custer, et al.
No.1 in: Wrongful Death
Attorneys: Adam M. Wesolowski; Matthew Wilshire of Federal Trade Commission
Case: Federal Trade Commission, et al. v. Consumer Assistance LLC, et al.
No.1 in: Consumer Fraud
Attorneys: Joshua J. Wagner, Steven T. Vasilaros of Vasilaros Wagner
Case: Confidential v. Confidential
No.1 in: Car Accident
Attorneys: Daniel A. Iracki, Rufus Pennington of Coker, Schickel, Sorenson, Posgay, Camerlengo & Iracki
Case: Thomas v. City of Jacksonville, et al.
No.1 in: Civil Rights Violation
Attorneys: Kyle Cohen, Sean O'Donnell, Christopher Reimer of U.S. Attorney's Office for the Middle District of Florida
Case: U.S.A. v. Financial Freedom
No.1 in: Qui Tam
Attorneys: Douglas J. McCarron of The Haggard Law Firm PA
Case: Estate of Sweeting v. The Oaks at Miami Gardens Condo. Assoc. Inc., et al.
No.1 in: Inadequate Security
Attorneys: Julia A. Farkas, Linnes Finney, Jr. of Greenspoon Marder, PA
Case: Harris v. City of Boynton Beach
No.1 in: Excessive Force
Attorneys: Felipe Fulgencio of Fulgencio Law, PLLC
Case: Burnham v. International Ind. Showman’s Assoc.
No.1 in: Truck Accident
Attorneys: Robert Weisberg, Kimberly A. Cruz, Oshia Banks of EEOC
Case: EEOC v. Nestle Waters North America
No.1 in: Labor & Employment
Attorneys: Luis O'Naghten, Isabella de la Guardia of Baker & McKenzie
Case: Frames Seperation Tech. v. Northland Automation & Serv.
No.1 in: Breach of Contract

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