Number 1 Verdicts in Texas in 2016

Number 1 Verdicts in Texas in 2016We are pleased to present to you the list of the largest – in (a) particular practice area(s) – plaintiff and cross-claimant jury verdicts obtained in the State of Texas in the year 2016. The list is comprised of various case types that were tried either in state or federal courts.

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Important: While we strive to achieve maximum accuracy and completeness of our lists, we cannot guarantee either at 100%. If you believe another verdict should be on this list, please contact us today.

Attorneys: W. Mark Lanier of The Lanier Law Firm; Richard J. Arsenault of Neblett, Beard & Arsenault; Jayne Conroy of Simmons Hanly Conroy LLC; Khaldoun A. Baghdadi of Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger
Case: Andrews., et al. v. DePuy Orthopaedics Inc., et al.
No.1 in: Negligent Misrepresentation, Personal Injury, Product Liability
Attorneys: Robert M. Parker, R. Christopher Bunt, Charles L. Ainsworth of Parker, Bunt & Ainsworth, P.C.; T. John Ward, Jr., Claire Abernathy Henry of Ward, Smith & Hill, PLLC; Bradley W. Caldwell, J. Austin Curry, Jason D. Cassady, Justin T. Nemunaitis of Caldwell Cassady & Curry
Case: Virnetx Inc., et al. v. Apple Inc.
No.1 in: Intellectual Property Infringement, Patent Infringement
Attorneys: Chrysta Castaneda of The Castaneda Firm; Michael P. Lynn of Lynn Pinker Cox & Hurst, LLP
Case: Mesa Petroleum Partners LP vs. Baytech LLP, et al.
No.1 in: Breach of Contract
Attorneys: Robert D. Crain of Crain Lewis Brogdon, LLP
Case: Estate of Lytle v. Hat Ballou Inc., et al.
No.1 in: Negligent Supervision, Wrongful Termination
Attorneys: Tony Buzbee of The Buzbee Law Firm
Case: Ortega v. Ruvalcaba
No.1 in: Breach of Fiduciary Duty
Attorneys: Jason A. Gibson, Casey L. Jordan of The Gibson Law Firm; Peter M. Kelly of Kelly, Durham & Pittard, LLP
Case: Estate of Garcia v. Manhattan Vaughn JVP
No.1 in: Construction Accident, Workplace Safety, Wrongful Death
Attorneys: Michael F. Pezzulli of Holmes Firm PC; Douglas D. Mulder of Douglas D. Mulder Inc.
Case: M.E. v. Arreola
No.1 in: Assault and Battery
Attorneys: Kevin W. Liles, Stuart R. White of Liles White PLLC; Philip G. Bernal of Ketterman Rowland & Westlund
Case: Jazmin-Galindo, et al. v. Oreilly Auto Enterprises LLC, et al.
No.1 in: Car Accident
Attorneys: Jeffrey T. Embry, George P. Cowden, IV of Hossley & Embry, LLP
Case: Hinson v. Dorel Juvenile Group
No.1 in: Failure to Warn
Attorneys: Christopher S. Hamilton, Stephen T. Blackburn of Standly Hamilton
Case: Clark, et al. v. Burris MD., et al.
No.1 in: Medical Malpractice
Attorneys: Andrew B. Sommerman, Alexandria M. Risinger of Sommerman, McCaffity & Quesada, LLP
Case: Bell v. Genter
No.1 in: Motorcycle Accident
Attorneys: Thomas A. Crosley, Charlie C. Gustin of Crosley Law Firm, P.C.
Case: Menchaca v. NTE Houston I LLC
No.1 in: Premises Liability
Attorneys: Benjamin L. Hall, III of The Hall Law Firm; Adrian V. Villacorta of The Villacorta Law Firm, P.C.
Case: S.V.Z. v. Solis, et al.
No.1 in: Sexual Abuse
Attorneys: Juan S. Palacios, Jr. of JSPalacios PLLC; Gustavo L. Acevedo, Jr. of Law Offices of Gustavo L. Acevedo, Jr.
Case: Campos v. Donna Independent School District, et al.
No.1 in: Retaliation
Attorneys: William K. Adams, Thomas A. Adams, IV of The Adams Law Firm; Peter M. Kelly of Kelly, Durham & Pittard, LLP
Case: Garcia v. Jensen
No.1 in: Pedestrian Accident
Attorneys: Jay K. Gray, Andrew A. Bergman of Bergman Gray LLP
Case: Habeeb, et al. v. Baker, et al.
No.1 in: Landlord-Tenant
Attorneys: Lance C. Kassab of The Kassab Law Firm
Case: Long-Kline v. Weigel
No.1 in: Legal Malpractice
Attorneys: Robert L. Ranco of The Carlson Law Firm PC
Case: Hernandez v. Police Officer Sanchez, et al.
No.1 in: Civil Rights Violation, Excessive Force
Attorneys: William B. Gammon, E. Jason Billick of Gammon Law Office, PLLC
Case: Crouch v. Linton
No.1 in: Bicycle Accident
Attorneys: Dustin A. Paschal, Paul W. Simon of Simon Paschal PLLC
Case: Al-Habash v. Raytheon Co.
No.1 in: Race Discrimination
Attorneys: Jamil N. Alibhai, S. Wallace Dunwoody, Maeghan E. Whitehead of Munck Wilson Mandala, LLP
Case: Romano Group LLC v. Wilson
No.1 in: Fraud
Attorneys: Michael V. Galo, Jr. of Galo Law Firm PC
Case: Ratcliffe v. Benevolent Hospice LLC
No.1 in: Whistleblower, Wrongful Termination
Attorneys: Michael Gomez, Frank W. Robertson of Jim S. Adler & Associates, PC
Case: Hitchener v. Auto Club County Mutual Ins. Co.
No.1 in: Underinsured Motorist
Attorneys: Mark R. Mueller of Mueller Law PLLC
Case: Friedman v. Heritage Communities LLC, et al.
No.1 in: Gas Explosion
Attorneys: Robert J. Wiley, Gregory A. Placzek of Rob Wiley, P.C.
Case: Lynch v. City of Austin
No.1 in: Disability Discrimination

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