Number 1 Verdict in Florida in 2018

If you won the largest verdict(s) in Florida in 2018 in all or (a) particular practice area(s), you can obtain the Number 1 Verdict electronic badge(s) below (check all tabs) and showcase it/them on your website, email signature, and other online and traditional (print, TV, display, etc.) marketing materials.

You can purchase multiple copies of the same badge type if you wish that each copy reflected a different winning category associated with the same or different cases that made the Number 1 Verdicts list. For example, if you won the largest Personal Injury and Product Liability verdict(s) in the State that year, you may choose to advertise yourself as the attorney who won the Number 1 Personal Injury Verdict in Florida in 2018 and Number 1 Product Liability Verdict in Florida in 2018. A dedicated badge for each such category would serve the purpose perfectly.

There may be multiple benefits advertising with multiple badges. We have added one more: generous discounts.

Once we have received your payment, we will email you to find out which of the applicable practice areas you prefer to display on your badge(s).

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