Frequently Asked Questions

How is recognition by Top Verdict different from that by other publications?

Firstly, unlike other publications, Top Verdict recognizes attorneys and law firms based on historic facts and not on the opinion of others - whether that of peers or a panel of experts. We do not select attorneys; we recognize their specific, factual achievement.

Secondly, Top Verdict lists are limited to 100 verdicts each. This means that our lists recognize the narrowest circle of achievers in the legal industry, while other publications select thousands of lawyers.

Thirdly, most firms would make a Top Verdict list only once in their history, while other publications select thousands of same lawyers year after year. This means that a recognition by Top Verdict is a once in a life time achievement for any law firm or attorney.

Why Top Verdict's electronic badges are more valuable than any other badges lawyers display on their websites?

First of all, most electronic badges available for attorneys today are based on peer review.

If you look at your website’s visitor behavior stats you may see that the verdicts and settlements page (providing you have one) is one of the most visited spots on your law firm’s website. This would mean that your potential clients care more about the financial results you are capable of achieving for them than what other lawyers think of you.

Hence, if they know that you had won not just a high verdict, but one of the highest verdicts in the entire Nation or state, then it automatically puts you above every other firm that also obtained high verdicts, but not high enough to make the list.

How do Top Verdict lists differ from those published by other publications?

As of the writing of these FAQ, there are only two other publications publishing top verdict lists and none of them are as accurate and complete as those published by our team and none of them offer electronic badges confirming your recognition.

How do you compile Top Verdict lists?

Top Verdict lists are generated based on extensive research performed by our team. Sources include major legal publications, court records, and attorneys and law firms themselves.

What type of electronic badges do you offer?

We currently offer two types of badges: one for firms and another for attorneys.

A firm badge is for the entire firm and is usually placed on the home page of the firm's website.

An attorney badge is for attorneys who worked on the case and is usually placed on their bio page. These badges are personalized to each attorney.

Do you offer plaques as well?

We are currently working on the plaque option, which is going be available soon.

What payment options do you provide?

A payment to Top Verdict can be submitted by check, PayPal transfer, or credit card. Credit card payments are also processed by PayPal, but a PayPal account is not required.

Do Top Verdict badges come with a perpetual license?

Yes. You pay for our badges once and receive a permanent license with them.

How soon after a payment is cleared will you deliver my badges?

In most cases, badges are emailed to you the same business day. However we formally ask for a two business day window to deliver the product.

What format do the badges arrive in?

Your badges will be emailed to you as a large, transparent PNG file.

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